We had a service project on my 1 year anniversary

November 10, 2014

Oi, tudo bem?? This week we had a service project on my 1 year anniversary that was pretty wild. Elder Hodge had the idea of helping one of the recent converts clean up her back yard... so Thursday morning we went over to help her. His idea was to clean up all the weeds and leaves. There were... a lot... and make a big pile in the back of the back yard.. and burn them all... the only problem is that we are in the middle of a city... it’s not like good ol' Slippery Rock where you can burn whatever you want and no one will mind. So we started to burn the weeds on the command of the member that was helping us... and we found out that all the neighbors in the area are old and already have trouble breathing... just imagine when the smoke started to enter into their back yards. So the project didn’t really go as well as planned...

 but on the bright side, we did end up cleaning the back yard up alot... and she has a coconut tree... I think I drank 5 coconuts. 

So that night we went to Cezar’s house to burn a shirt and Elder Imperador will have 6 months soon so he decided to burn a tie with me... I designed all my companions on the back of the shirt... I almost decided to keep it because I liked it so much. Of course we had to drink Coke as well.. Here in Brazil (Fortaleza) everyone has a weird obsession with Coke. It’s like the grass water (from Cuiab√°) of the north east. Everyone loves it. I’ll send some pictures of the shirt.

I always new Brandon Davies was an animal! Everyone always talked about how they didn’t like him, but now he’s starting in the NBA, haha. Sounds like the young men had a good activity... it’s always good when the branch president or bishop is present. Here our bishop has the problem that he has no time... so he’s almost never able to be present in anything except interviews and church. It makes a huge difference for the members when the bishop is present because they feel his love and concern for them. 

So the two brothers didn’t get baptized yet.. hopefully this week. We just have to prepare them a little more for the baptism. Next P-day I’ll know if I’m being transferred or not... it’s pretty likely that I will be because I’ve been with Elder Imperador 2 transfers already and in area 3, but you never know haha. I don’t have much time but I’ll send some pictures of this week. Have a good week. Love you guys. I’ll try to send more next week.

-√Člder Udy

P.S. Thanks for the addresses and other stuff... o and for future reference, the secretary of the mission said that sometimes Brazil is taxing up to 600 reais ($200) if they discover something expensive is in the package that isn’t written on the label.. so he said not to send things that are very expensive... thanks for everything, have a good week!!

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