This week I got the package!

November 24, 2014

So I decided to send all the pictures in the beginning this week, so I wouldn’t run out of time in the end haha... 
Baptism this week
Burning brush in member's backyard...not a good idea...too much smoke

Bee nest we knocked down
Coconut tree
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Shirt I made for 1 year anniversary
Drawing of me and all my compaions
Elder Imerador ready to burn his tie to mark 6 months anniversary
Tie burning

So for Christmas this year President Bonini wants us to skype on the P-Day before Christmas so that would be the 22nd... 10:00am Fortaleza time. So let me know if that works for you guys or not. If not we can work something out. 

I liked the story about Coach Rhoads and re-living the glory days of 7th grade baskebtall... I can’t believe Jence is playing handball now, haha that’d be pretty sweet to watch her if they make it to the olympics. And our ward mission leader was talking about the 3rd Hunger Games movie that came out.. and I started thinking about how I couldn’t even watch the 2nd one when it came out because I was already on the mish haha, It’s been a while. But I’m excited to watch them all when I get back #trunkyness

Sounds like Thanksgiving will be quite the party.. our Zone Leader, who went home last week, talked about Thanksgiving just about every time I talked to him, haha. Here in Brazil they have a holiday for just about everything you can think of... they even have a kids day where you buy your kids presents! (I always wondered why we don’t have this in the United States)... however, the festivities and fun of Thanksgiving don’t exist here.

So this week I got the package! It got from the United States and into my hands in less than a month! Elder Imperador likes his new shirt (BYU)... I had to open the package, I couldn’t wait... Elder Hodge tried to convince me to leave it under the tree until the 25th, but we resolved to just put everything that was wrapped  under the tree... and the stockings as well. However, I had to open up at least something in that first day, so I opened up that book of stories told by the general authorities through the years (It is Better to Look Up) and Elder Hodge already read the whole book! haha 

So this week we’ve been creating a ward mission plan with our ward mission leader. A plan that has specific action and specific follow up. Our bishop is going to invite the mission president to talk in a fireside to the ward where our ward mission leader will present the plan to the ward with specifics about how and what everyone will do and the mission president will inspire everyone to do it. We hope that he´ll be free on that day but we´ll see what happens. A week ago (P Night) we started teaching our bishop’s sister who’s going to live here in the ward. She’s not a member, but all her brothers and sisters are, and now she’s coming to church with her fiance who was baptized a few months ago. In the first visit with her, we taught her about the restoration and the blessings of baptism by the restored priesthood. She agreed to read the Book of Mormon, search for her own personal confirmation, and be baptized this Saturday. So yesterday was the first day we were able to return to teach her again. She said she had been praying to know if the Book of Mormon was true and one night she had a dream where Elder Imperador and I appeared in front of her house to talk with her. As we talked she felt something touching her heart and she said she heard an angel saying that this was her answer she was searching for, but there were still other things that would be made known unto her. It’s amazing to see God’s hand confirming to others that this is the truth, and that they should be baptized. Her baptism is marked for this Sunday morning and the confirmation afterwards during sacrament. 

I don’t have time to write more but hope you guys have a good week. Don’t forget to read the Ensign this week! Elder Neil L Anderson told us that the conference Ensign should sit right next to our scriptures in importance for these next 6 months until new revelation is given by the living prophets. Hope you guys have a good week and enjoy the cold! Here it’s hot all the time. Have a good week! Love You guys! 

Élder Udy

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