Everyone here went Black Friday shopping

December 1, 2014

    Sounds like you guys are getting excited in the holiday season. So before I forget, some of the missionaries I live with can’t Skype on the 22nd so we are going to talk with President Bonini to see if we can do it on the 24th instead. So if its on the 24th... which I’ll know next week... then I’m not sure yet what time of the day it’ll be, but I’ll let you know in the next week after we talk with our president. O and I don’t remember my user name or password for Skype or Google Hangout, so if you could send those to me that would be nice :)
    So it’s entering into the rainy season here. However, after it rains it gets hotter than normal outside, haha. I haven’t felt cold for a long time... aside from the cold water showers we have here haha, but it sounds exciting to be entering into the holidays. Here we are going to have a Christmas conference in a few weeks. I missed the Christmas conference last year by I think 4 days because I was in the MTC, but everyone said it was amazing so hopefully this year will be too, and I’ll be able to send pictures or something. 
    So hopefully Dad can manage to get those speakers put up before Christmas. Those cords where the speakers are supposed to go have been hanging down from the ceiling for like 4 years haha. Everyone here went Black Friday shopping too... apparently it exists in Brazil... but seeing as they don’t have Thanksgiving, its not exactly the same thing. They have 3 days of "Black Friday" which lasts all weekend but everyone in our area was saying that nothing is actually cheaper... the store clerks just say everything is cheaper and put up sale signs, but leave the same price as it always was haha. 
   So this week was pretty good. One day when we were in the road looking for some people to teach we decided to go to this house that was a reference from some guy we contacted in the road one day. So when we got there, they opened the door and there was this big room with like 20 chairs set up in a circle. So we started to talk to the guy that opened the door and we asked if we could enter and he let us in. He started telling us about how they were going to have a "Cell" which is basically like family night with about 4 or 5 families but they don’t have song, music, or snack. I don’t know how the little kids manage. But anyways, as we entered, we started talking to everyone as more and more members of their congregation entered. Elder Imperador really wanted to teach everyone haha, but they wanted to wait for everyone to get there and it was already 9 o’clock so we had to go home and it didn’t work out. But we almost taught a congregation of another church haha. However, we went back to teach just the family that actually lives in that house, and the man that lives there loved everything we were saying. While we were talking about the Book of Mormon and its importance in finding out if what we say is true, he asked us how much he had to pay to have a copy of the book haha. (Books of Mormon are free)
     The bishop’s sister wasn’t baptized this week, however, we’re going to visit her today and now we’re helping her to be baptized on the weekend after this week. 
   So that’s about all for this week. Sounds like everything’s good back home. In 3 weeks we´ll be able to Skype! #tranqueza Hope you guys have a good week. Love you guys.

-Elder Udy


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