If you feed them, they will come

Dec 29, 2014
Eating at McDonalds!

Oi... sounds like you guys are enjoying the holidays... Have you been to a basketball game yet??? When I looked at the picture of Dan’s groomsmen, I couldn’t tell who the one was with long hair.... and then I realized it was Braden! His hair is so long now! It’s been a while since I’ve seen everyone, haha. It was cool to see a picture of all of them, and I was glad to hear they remembered me at the wedding, haha. 

So hopefully you guys have fun skiing... and hopefully Cole can manage on the rails. I’ll have to ask Santa for some Crest white strips when I get home too :) So this ward I’m in now is extremely good. We had a ward council this week, and it was the most organized and productive ward council I’ve ever seen. Every organization was told to prepare plans of how they would spiritually nurture, retain, and baptize inside of their organization. And as well to set baptismal goals for every organization. So all the organizations arrived on Sunday and had done everything that the bishop asked, and they all presented what they would do and what their goals were for the year, and the whole time the bishopric was helping them perfect their plans of action to be even more effective. It was quite the sight to see. 

So last P-day we managed to fix the sink. Grandpa sent me an email saying just unscrew the pipe and take out the stuff thats clogging the drain, which is exactly what we did. When we unscrewed the pipe it looked like someone left milk mixed with eggs and cheese in the road for a year and stuffed it all in our sink pipe. Needless to say, now the water drains perfectly down our sink and we can wash dishes again and our sink is "bem limpinha". 

So this week our ward had a lunch after church in remembrance of the New Year. There were a bunch of members in our ward that were on vacation because of the holidays, however, there were more people in church than usual, and the usual people weren’t even there! Seems like the same principles are true here in Brazil as they are in the states. When you feed the people, they will come. There were like 15 investigators in church with like 20 less actives haha. It reminds me of the young mens activities we had that always had to have food. So even though the lunch was a lot of work for the ward, it turned out to be a big success, and they decided to do it 4 times a year. 

Well, thats about all I got for this week. I hope you guys have a good week. Skiing should be fun, go to Seven Springs, it’s better there.... it might be a little more expensive but just use some of the money your earning from the Google and GoPro stocks ;) Have a good week. Love you guys. Thanks for all the prayers and letters. 

-Elder Udy

Baptism of the Bishop's sister

Church building in Fortaleza

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