We ran out of water in the apartment for 2 days!

Dec 15, 2014

Oiiii.. so we had arranged to talk to our families on the 25th this week, but I’m going to be transferred sooooo... I pretty much have no idea how it will be until I get in the new area and discover how they are planning to call their families. So for now I pretty much have no idea but I’ll let you know next week! haha

I liked the pictures. Sounds like you guys are enjoying Christmas. Here in Brazil it’s different because it’s not cold.. however we still put up tons of lights in our house and a tree and everything... but people here don’t usually put up lights. and the trees are always small cuz no one has real pine trees here haha. but the other day I saw a little mango tree (christmas tree). Here the ward is going to have a sweet party on this farm thing on the water and we were going to present the ward mission plan with a theme of Christmas. But, I was transferred haha já era. 

So my new area is Alváro Adolfo.. I think I’m going to live with the Assistants, and I heard that my new companion is great. So hopefully it’ll be good. However... the time is kinda inconvenient with Skype, and the plans in the ward, but it’ll all work out. 

So in my new district there are 4 sisters, the assistants and my companionship... And I know pretty much everyone already so it’ll go well. So this week was the bishop’s sister’s baptism. She had been having a lot of difficulties with coffee, so we told her how important it was for her to read the Book of Mormon. She agreed and read some chapters that we marked for her. In her reading she said she read some verses that we hadn’t marked that seemed to be talking straight to her. Alma 30:41-42. www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/alma/30.41?lang=eng Through these scriptures she gained the strength to stop drinking coffee. It’ll be sad to leave the area here, but wherever I go, I’m sure the people will be great as well. 

So this week another interesting thing that happened is our apartment ran out of water... so we went 2 days without water... and I think the water delivery boy went on strike or something because we kept trying to call for the 20 liter jug of water to drink but they couldn’t bring it. So I don’t know if you’ve ever lived anywhere that is 90 degrees all the time and doesn’t have water... its complicated. When you want to wash dishes you can’t because there’s no water... and when you get home after sweating all day and want to take a shower... there’s no water to take the shower haha. Good thing it was only 2 days. There are some missionaries that live like 3 hours from Fortaleza that pass like 2 months without water haha. So anyways I’m running out of time, but hope you guys are doing good. Hope Cole passes his driver’s test... because if he doesn’t he’ll be hearing about how the "Driving King" couldn’t manage to pass the drivers test for the next 50 years ;) haha hope you guys have a good week, and enjoy the holidays. Go to one of the basketball games to let me know how they are this year. Have a good week. Love you guys! 

-Elder Udy

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