This week Elder Lima came back to visit

Dec 22, 2014

Hey... So I tried sending you and Jackson messages on Facebook from the members here to confirm when I could Skype, but it appears no one got the messages, so I’ll be able to Skype 1 pm on Christmas day... Fortaleza time. I think PA is 2 hours behind, but it’d be a good idea to make sure. So I don’t know how long lunch will take on Christmas... maybe it’ll take a little longer and I’ll end up Skyping like 1:30... but anyways around that time be ready because I’ll call :) And we only have 40 minutes.. but in like 10 months I’ll be home so.. vai dar certo. 

So the new area is pretty different. I live in a 2 man apartment with my companion Elder Daniel. And we are in the same ward as the APs. They live in the apartment next to us. I found out they both play basketball so we might play today if we have time. So everything’s pretty good here in this house... the only difficulty is that when water enters the sink... it doesn’t drain out... well maybe it does, but it takes about a half hour for 1 litter of water to drain down the sink because something inside is clogged. Soooo I’m gonna either learn to be a plumber or we will call a Brazilian plumber to help us out. I’m not really sure how long that sink has been that way, but it’s pretty rough living without a kitchen sink haha. 

So I can’t believe Cole got his license... I was kinda hoping he wouldn’t pass just to be able to remind him forever about his failure... but I’m sure he’s happy that he passed. He must like driving. Does he still call himself the “driving king”?? Sounds like May got a pretty decent job. 

So this week Elder Lima came back to visit. 
Elder Udy, Daniel, and Lima

He taught with us all day one day and bought us pizza and dinner. It was pretty weird to see him again 4 months after he finished his mission... and in normal people clothes. But he was extremely excited to be here. A lot of the time we, as missionaries, don’t understand how great the mission is until its over. But anyways, we’ll be able to talk more on Christmas. 1 pm my time. Have a good week. Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas! Love you guys. 

-Elder Udy

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