Everyone likes to sit in front of their houses at night

Dec. 8, 2014

It’s getting close to Christmas!!  Everyone here is handing out those cards "He is the Gift" as well. However, I think there’s a lot more emphasis on the campaign in the United States because none of our leaders said anything about it... they just gave us a stack of cards and told us to hand them out to people when we contact haha.. but we’ve been handing out a lot to the members to give to their friends. (Learn more about "He is the Gift" by going to http://www.mormon.org/christmas or watching the video below...)

So I’ll be able to talk to you guys on the 22nd. Let’s use google hangout because Jackson won’t be home yet... I think you’ll be able to see when I log into my google account and will be able to call. Let me know if this works for you guys.

Sounds like you’re enjoying indexing.. I remember when I was an official "indexer" haha I didn’t even know that calling existed... some things only happen at BYU. Sounds like you’re helping Cole do something useful with his life with indexing haha. The other day one of the recent converts in my area was playing Minecraft on his cell phone, and I thought about Cole haha. 

So this week was pretty eventful. This morning a guy that lives in the apartment next to us fell and couldn’t move so they called the ambulance and we put him on a stretcher and carried him down to the ambulance because we live in a building, so we had to carry him down the stairs. It was pretty wild. 

Sounds like the missionaries there are trying new things. We’ll have to try going to a retirement home sometime. Here we usually just walk in the street and talk to people because everyone likes to just sit in front of their houses at night, so it’s pretty much perfect haha. I hope you’re buying pizza for the missionaries ;) its been a while since the members bought a pizza for me... so I figure it’s probably been a while since you guys have bought pizza for the missionaries there as well, haha. 

I don’t have much time today, but don’t worry we´ll be able to talk in 2 weeks! It’s been pretty complicated to work out a time to call but in 11 months I won’t have to worry about organizing google hangouts anymore, haha. Talk to you guys soon! Have a good week. I’ll try to write more next week and send pictures. Have a good week! Love you guys.

-Elder Udy

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