For New Year's everyone just makes as much noise as possible all night

January 5, 2015

     Oi, tudo bem??? Sounds like you guys are making the best of the holidays. Sounds like everyone had fun skiing. Here, since it never snows, a lot of people don’t even know how cold it has to be to snow... most people here have never felt anything less than like 60 degrees in their lives! So today I don’t have much time to email... only 1 hour because today I went to make myself a CPF (Brazilian social security number.... basically) and it took forever... I don’t think the workers in the Federal tax office knew that our P-day is so short cuz they were all working pretty slow.... but at least now I have my CPF number, and I can get a bus pass next p-day that will save me a bunch of money :)
      So I ate at Burger King again today. We don’t have any of the American fast food restaurants in our area, we’ve just been busy doing lots of stuff outside our area so we get to eat there.  This week we’re preparing this guy to be baptized who is an ex police captain of the city and Military Captain. We thought his name was Manuel but then after we taught him a few times he told us that everyone calls him Captain Brauna. So now we just refer to him as Capitão. 
      So for New Year’s everyone just makes as much noise as possible all night long. It started up about 7 and ended... about 7 in the morning haha. Midnight they had a bunch on fireworks kind of close to our area.... so we laid in bed for like 2 or 3 hours before we could sleep... but Elder Daniel was happy to start 2015 because last year it seemed like everyone always said to him... Hey Elder Daniel, you’re not going to go home this year, or in the next year, only the year after, haha. So here we’re excited to start a new year. To celebrate New Years we watched Ephraim’s Rescue as a zone. It was a really good movie.  (see trailer for movie below)

 I´ve already watched 17 Miracles like 7 times on the mission, so it was good to mix it up a little. Afterwards we went home (7 o’clock) and I read a little about our ancestors who were in the Martin Handcart company with Elder Savage and about what they went through. But anyways.. I gotta go because I have little time today. I’ll try to write more next week. Hope you guys have a good week. Was Dad released yet??? Happy New Years. Chau! Amo VocÊs

-Elder Udy


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