An apostle is coming next week

April 20, 2015

Sounds like all is good in good ol Slippery Rock. I kind a figured that the e-mail wouldn’t get to you guys.. the mission secretary is new, and I think he’s still learning lots of things. But I’ll talk to him today. Fred must be pretty fast because I remember the kid that broke the hurdles record was an animal, haha. So that’s pretty exciting. Today I went to see if I had any pictures on my camera to send you guys... but when I went to turn on my camera.. it didn’t turn on. So I thought maybe the battery was dead... so I tried to charge the battery, but it wouldn’t charge... and then we left to send e-mails. So I don’t really know what happened with it, but hopefully I can get it working. So this week “F” didn’t end up being baptized. 2 weeks ago he was all excited for his baptism, and we were planning it. However, when we went to talk to his mom, she said she would be out of town and she really wanted to be able to see the baptism. So we re-scheduled 2 weeks ahead for this past weekend. However, when you delay baptism, the adversary starts to go to work. Felipe and his family are now having some doubts. But we´ll see what happens this week. 

This week our ward mission leader asked to be released, so now we don’t have one. However, I’m sure we´ll get a new ward mission leader soon. I can’t remember if I told you guys or not about how an apostle is coming here again. Everyone says its going to be Elder D Todd Christofferson, but no one really knows because they never said. So it’s going to be next Tuesday with the 2 missions (Fortaleza and Fortaleza East) in the same chapel. This week I can’t really think of much that happened at the moment. Sometimes I write things down in my planner that I want to write about, but this week I forgot. 

This week I learned about the importance of references and the work of members. One of the missionaries that lives with me, Elder Benitez, was telling me about how in the mission.. Salt Lake South, I think.. some of the missionaries baptize around 200 people during their mission.  In Pennsylvania I remember like 3 baptisms in 7 years! How can Utah be so different? One of the missionaries here, Elder Bishop, has a brother that served in Salt Lake.  And he said the difference is that the missionaries always receive references. If a ward trusts its missionaries, and passes references to the missionaries, and teaches with them, the ward will grow. The members can be the difference in their own ward if they want to be. So here we’ve started thinking about how we can use the ward activities and other means to find more people to teach. I think I wrote the word references, but I think the right word in English is referrals, haha. But anyways, I hope all is well and that Bandit’s still able to walk. (just old age) I’ll write down what I want to write about this week, so I remember more next Monday. Have a good week! Love you guys.

-Élder Udy

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