We have to decide to DO instead of just TRY

April 13, 2015

Hey... sounds like Cole is going to have a busy week with the English project. I remember when I did that project, I wrote lyrics to the song Good Riddance (Time of your life) by Green Day, and I brought my guitar to school and played the song.. over all it took about an hour and a half and the teacher loved it! I think I got 100% or if not, then it was 98%. So Cole could always just write a song and sing in front of everyone haha. Sounds like Slippery Rock is really turning into quite the school. A new football field and now new seats in the auditorium. Now the only thing that’s missing is a fast 4x4 and 4x8 team ;) they’re gonna have to run 32 seconds faster to beat the record on the 4x8! We´ll see what happens. 

This week President Bonini had a meeting with all the District and Zone leaders because the mission goals weren’t being met.  He has a goal to have 98 people baptized per week. That would be 1 person per companionship. Our expectations are really what change our results in the mission... and in life. He talked a lot about how we need to be committed to the Lord and his work.... And we have to decide to DO instead of just TRY.  So the meeting was good.

We’re teaching 3 brothers these days. They’re D (16 years old), J (19), and C (20). 2 of them are more or less atheists. They’ve never believed much in God. It’s not because they are against the idea, but they have never really been taught about God or Jesus so they don’t know. As we have been teaching them we´ve seen a change. They are starting to pray and believe more. They’ve been to church a few times and are progressing. They have a baptismal date on the 26th so we’re hoping to help them feel the Spirit a lot this week with the Book of Mormon so they can continue progressing. Also we are teaching a kid who is 12 years old and some of his best friends are deacons in the ward. He’s been getting to know the church for a while now. He’s been about 5 times, but he always has to visit this other city with his mom because they have family there.  And it’s hard to find a time when the Mom will be able to attend her son’s baptism.  However, this week is the week that we marked with her. So we’re excited this week for his baptism.

This week we had an invasion of wasps.  So we had to kill them.  Here's a couple of pictures.

So I think a lot of things happened this week.... but I can’t seem to remember anything at the moment. Oh ya, we had interviews with President Bonini this week and he said you guys can come out after my mission. So I called the mission secretary and he said he would send you guys an email with some information. So let me know if you get the email. This morning we got up at 6 to be able to play basketball with one of the other areas in the zone. We ran to the church in the rain, because here it’s raining every morning, and then we played basketball with them in the pouring rain haha. Im excited to play basketball when I get back... although on the mission we lose our talent for sports haha. I think its about the 5th time I’ve played basketball on the mission. So when does Dallas leave for his mission to the Chez Republic?? What language will he speak there??? That’s exciting that he got his call. Hope all is well "nos estates" in the states. Have a good week! Love you guys!

-√Člder Udy

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