When it rains here, no one wants to leave their house

July 6, 2015

So I received the email from the secretary today asking me which airport I’m going to return to #Trunky So I told him Pittsburgh International, but I just wanted to make sure with you that it’s right. And as for the debit card, I think it would just be easier to withdraw some money I have now on my card and you can just keep the other card until I get back home because I don’t think I can activate it here, although maybe I can, but every time a Brazilian looks at that debit card I have, they ask all kinds of questions and immediately lose confidence that my American debit card will work on the Brazilian credit card readers. But if you think it’s better to do it another way, let me know. 

So sounds like things were pretty busy this week. I still think the old high adventures were better. I remember when we went on the canoe high adventure, Joel and I would sneak up on ducks in our canoe and try and shoot them with the bow and arrow we had. Now the kids just eat funnel cakes and play on the merry-go-round for high adventure, haha. But I’m sure it was fun at Cedar Point and playing laser tag as well. Hopefully vacation’s fun. What all are you guys going to do again? Hopefully Bandit manages to survive this time haha. He must have really gotten old while I’ve been gone.

This week things went great. I sent a picture of the baptism of M, J, and D. It was quite the preparation, but it ended up going well. 

Sunday morning when there’s rain in Pennsylvania it’s just another rainy day. However, Sunday morning when there’s rain here no one wants to leave their house because no one seems to own an umbrella, haha. But there were still quite a few investigators at church including "Ja" who is going to be baptized this week. She is one of our recent convert's older sister. The first time we went to teach her brother and friend, she just pulled up a chair and started listening as well. Last week we challenged her to be baptized and she accepted. She’s already been to watch 2 baptisms and goes to church every week and is excited to be baptized this week. 

Here things are going great. The Lord is blessing us a lot and helping us find people to baptize every week. We found a woman this week who is a single mom with 3 daughters 8, 6, and 4. She was working every Sunday selling fruit downtown, but when we taught her she said that she felt so good and loved everything we said. We challenged her to change her work so that she could be baptized, and she talked with her boss and she said this Sunday she has to work, but after this Sunday she won’t have to. She said her daughter was asking her the other day why we hadn’t passed by yet because we had passed by the 2 days before and her daughter wanted to talk to us again haha. So we’re going to prepare the mom and her daughter to be baptized on the 19th. 

This week I was pondering about how we can strengthen our testimony to be able to touch others and I started to think about the spiritual experiences I’ve had in the past. I learned that when we ponder on the sacred experiences we’ve had in the past, we can be touched with that same spirit that we felt in the past, and in the same way that the experience strengthened us in the past, it can strengthen our testimony again and again. 

That’s about all I got for this week, but I hope you guys have a good vacation! Nothin’ like the good ol 3 week vacations that always interrupted summer basketball, haha. Love you guys, have a good week! 

Elder Udy

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