The Lord is blessing us

I have little time to write today because I had to do a survey about the mission. 

So this week was really good. Sounds like for you guys it was too. It must be fun to go on vacation, here we don’t do much vacationing, however, sometimes we get to ride on the bus to go on splits and to some district meetings, haha. 

So this week we had 2 baptisms here in the ward. I’ll send you the pictures. One was a lady, that we baptized that is 30 years old, she is the sister of one of those kids that received the priesthood the other week, and the other was a 15 year old girl, who is another recent convert’s sister. 

So I’m 98 percent sure that my camera was robbed the other day when I was on the bus and it was in my bag and the zipper was open. So now I’m just asking everyone to send me their pictures. The camera was good while it lasted, but I’ll still be able to send pictures, so it will all be fine. So this week for my birthday everyone’s inviting us over, haha. All of the recent converts and investigators. So I’m sure it’ll be nice. It’s good to have you birthday in an area where you’ve been for 4 months instead of an area where you’ve only been there for a week like last year. So I’m sure I’ll have some pictures to send this week. 

So these days Elder Menezes and I have been challenging everyone who doesn’t have a marriage problem (meaning those who aren't living together without being married) to be baptized in 2 Sundays. We teach people about how God loves us and about how his gospel was restored and how important it is that they are baptized, and how blessed they will be. What really makes the difference is when we testify sincerely that the gospel is true and really was restored, and that they really will be blessed if they are baptized and keep their covenants with God. We are also singing hymns in every lesson to bring the Spirit. It really is the Spirit that converts people, not time or any other method. We leave our house set to return to our house at night with at least one new baptismal date. I only have 3 minutes, but this week we found a family, mom and 2 daughters, that was extremely prepared and open to hear us. The mom and daughter went to church Sunday and will be baptized this coming Sunday. The Lord is blessing us a lot and increasing our faith. 

I hope you guys have a good week!! Love you guys and have a good vacation! 

√Člder Udy

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