Arrived in Sao Paulo Brazil!

Nov. 6, 2013
Missionaries that arrived to Sao Paulo Missionary Training Center on Nov. 6, 2013


So they let us email on our first day. I didn’t’ know that, but I’ll take it. So the plane ride was pretty much forever and the leg room was worse than sitting behind dad in the car. But on the way to Brazil I sat next to this cool Brazilian lady who I talked to a lot.. Well kind of she didn’t really speak English well, and I don’t speak Portuguese at al, but we tried to talk a lot, haha. Anyways she told me she really wanted to fix this clock she had, and I told her she could use apoxy glue. I’m still not sure that’s how it’s spelled. But then she asked me to send her a link that she could find it at online or where to buy it in Brazil. So mom I know you love talking to the missionary moms so much, so maybe you could ask them if there’s somewhere here where you can buy some kind of strong glue like epoxy.. But anyways we kept talking (or trying to talk) and eventually I gave her one of the Book of Mormons Dad gave me before I left and told her it would help her learn English. I’m really strugglin with these keyboards. I’ve had about 4 times where I wanted to put a smilie face or something but I didn’t know how. But anyways, Brazil’s pretty sweet. There’s like 15 ppl who showed up with me. So that was nice. And I drank from the water fountain and haven’t gotten worms yet so that’s good too! But I think the water here is purified. Well I gotta go... I’m not really sure when p-day is. I think it might be on Friday or next Wednesday or Monday... I guess we will find out soon, haha. Talk to you soon!

Elder Tyler Udy

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