We had Thanksgiving here

Nov. 29, 2013

Hey everyone, how's America???? We had Thanksgiving here and had all this good food. It was awesome cuz usually we have beans, lunch and dinner, and these weird desserts.. the other day we had this dessert that tasted like tar.. so the sisters said they’d give one of the elders in our district 4 churrios from the place across the street if we ate the whole desert.. so one of the elders tried to eat it..took one spoonful.. and he was on his knees throwing up 10 minutes later haha..

Courtyard at the CTM

We got all these new missionaries from Mozambique this week. They’re pretty cool. Oh, can you send me that talk that I gave before I left? You guys got so much snow! Did Dad make Cole scrape the ice off the driveway until it looks like it does in summer? Oh and thanks for all the letters.. Every time I get a real live letter in the mail it’s like Christmasx2, haha. Oh and it turns out I didn’t forget my shampoo.. I just didn’t realize that big black bag was my bathroom bag until this week haha.. and I haven’t bought much outside the CTM, but today we’re going to some food place thats all you can eat for like 8 American bucks so that’s not bad. I tried to send you this video we watched this week it was pretty sweet. But these brazil computers are still blowin’ my mind so idk if it worked, haha. I can’t wait for Christmas tho! I’ll finally have more email time, haha. eu preciso ir, tchau! com amor, 

Elder Udy

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