I got to give one of the blessings...

Nov. 22, 2013
Elder Udy with his district

Elder Udy with his district
  OOOOOiiiiiIIiiiiIii como vai??? haha its about time that computer died maybe you can buy a new one, if the truck every gets sold, but that prob won't happen so maybe u better stick with the laptop haha, and what are they doing with the old Sheetz? and that made me sad when I read that Slippery Rock lost, but there’s still next year. And I remember watching that BYU center kid (Mika) play when I watched the Lone Peak state championship game. He dunked like 4 times haha. He was a man amongst boys.. and ya I’ve been thinking of scriptures for my plaque, but I’ll have one for sure next week.
So I’ll tell you about the CTM haha... it’s pretty awesome here. It’s almost like being in the temple 24/7 ...except with lots of beans haha.. The other day one of the elders in my district found a staple in his beans haha, it was pretty funny.. so last p-day was a holiday and like all the stores were closed, and I think I forgot my shampoo at home cuz it’s not in my bags.. so I’ve been using facewash as shampoo and soap for like... 2 and a half weeks haha. But we’re pretty much always busy here, like always. I try to find time to do laundry, but I’m scared cuz then I’ll have to iron my shirts.. and I know people say the mission is hard, but I never really realized how hard it could be until I had to try to iron.. that’s a trial of faith if I ever saw one! Oh and it seems like everyone I talk to knows Jackson, haha.  One of the instructors and the lady across the street that gave me a cookie knew him too.

Me and Jackson's teacher at the CTM
     Also my companion's name is Elder Abernathy
 But he’s from DC and he’s determined to be a Ranger one day.. it’s like some special branch of the military.. he’s told us all about it haha. Oh and he’s our district leader too. And the basketball courts here are a little weak, but I guess you can’t expect much, haha, and everyone in my district is pretty bad at sports haha except for the big guy, elder Bradly. He was state champ in PA for wrestling heavy weight so he’s pretty athletic.

 So this week like everyone in our district was struggling because learning Portuguese is like trying to earn an Accounting major at BYU in one year.. and part of our district was getting sick.. so one of the sisters asked for a blessing.. which led to all the sisters asking for blessings haha. But it was awesome. I got to give one of the blessings, and it was amazing. I felt the spirit so strong and all the words that God wanted me to say just came straight into my head, it was awesome. And she like started crying after, idk it was pretty cool (I have to throw that word in a couple times each week for Wade and Jackson). Anyways thats all I got for this week. I’ll tell you more next week, but we only get a little time to email so I’ll talk to you later. Eu amo voices

Elder Udy

To learn more about priesthood blessings like the blessing Elder Udy gave the sister missionary, you can go to the following link  http://www.lds.org/pages/mormon-messages?lang=eng#blessings-of-the-priesthood    

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  1. Hi Tyler. Happy Thanksgiving. Hope the cook keeps the staple gun out of the kitchen from now on. The Young Men,/Young Women asked me to come to the church for a grateful dinner last Wed. I took a friend with me. I haven't told her anything about the church yet. I have just been talking to her once a week and taking her with me to the Slavak Store and the Outlet Mall. She is a retired elementary teacher who got e--coli poisoning about 25 years ago and it nearly killed her. She had a good time at the dinner. Laura Karl passed around cards to send to the missionaries. I don't think I got the card for you and I didn't realize it till later. I hope you have a great holiday season and I pray you will find many people who need Jesus.
    Love you, RC