I've accepted the fact I'm going to eat beans for the next 2 years

Dec. 13, 2013

Haha I laughed when I read who the 3 wise men are (Branch Presidency).. It sounds like a really good Christmas party though.. things seem like they’re just getting better and better in Slippery Rock... O and I really liked that letter I got from the branch this week with everyone’s notes on it.. I read them all like 5 times haha and as always I like getting letters from you too :) That’s crazy that Elder Colvin’s companion played with Taysom Hill.. How is BYU football doing? Are they going to get a good bowl game this year? and that looked like fun cutting the Christmas trees. Thats crazy that Marshall isn’t allowed to skype! His mission president must be crazy strict! haha I heard mine’s pretty cool. All the elders that come here from Fortaleza say he’s awesome so hopefully I’ll be able to work something out to skype. Im so excited to get out of here and go to Fortaleza, idk how Jackson did this for 9 weeks, haha all the days just meshh together cuz they’re all the exact same thing except I know a little more every day haha. Thats awesome that Jordan got his visa! I bet he’ll love it in Manaus even if Florida was nice. And ya I’ve just accepted the fact that I’m going to be eating these beans for the next two years.. as long as I don’t have to eat the sobre mesas they serve at the CTM :)... O and ya there’s 3 others in my district going to Fortaleza. I’ll point them out in a picture next week when we are allowed to send pictures. O and the scriptures I’m talking about are the kind with the nice leather covers like all our english ones, not like the paper back ones missionaries hand out because all you can buy here are the paper back ones. But I’ll check the mission office. Well that’s about all I got.. Feliz Natal! Tchau :)

Elder Udy

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