This week we heard lots of gun shots...

Dec. 30, 2013
       I can't believe the Steelers almost came back from their terrible start, haha. How’s BYU basketball?? and that made me laugh when you told me that people throw firecrackers at Shane on the trains haha..(Shane is in Belgium) O the life of a missionary, and I know how he feels to not have money.. I haven’t had money for a week and a half now.. all I have is 2 cards.. but around here no one takes cards... and the bank is like 2 hours away and we never have free time. sooo its quite the situation haha... 
       So the good news is I haven’t seen the bat in our house since Fridayish... Elder Chaves named him Brucey... like Bruce Wayne from Batman.. but he’s Brazilian so its Brucey.. so its kinda like having a pet.. sometimes it feels more like a zoo though with the cockroaches and ants as well. Speaking of pets... if you have to cut the wings of the birds to hunt them doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of hunting? might as well take Bandit into Giant Eagle and let him pick out whichever chicken he thinks smells best haha.
       Cole’s taller than Jackson now in that picture! Better start practicing more basketball for next season.  
       This week we heard lots of gun shots.. my companion said thats normal.. people sometimes kill other people to take their drugs around here.. I've learned that anything goes in this part of brazil. For example.. This week this lady came up to us while we were on the sidewalk and started singing in some language we weren’t sure what it was.. something about love... but she was wearing plastic bags on her arms and over her hair and had all these things written on her in pen.. and when she left I asked Elder Lima if that was normal in Brazil, and he just laughed and said no only in Ceará. But the members here are way nice. Yesterday we stopped by the house of one of the member's in our ward to get an address.. and it turned out to be a feast of chocolate cake and this really fancy juice stuff... and they wouldn’t let us stop eating.. after the second piece of cake and cup of juice I told her I was satisfied and I didn’t want to eat all their cake.. but she proceeded to put more food on my plate and pour me more juice haha, it was really good though. Well that’s about all I got for now.. O tell May I see Tampico juice here all the time and it reminds me of the meals at her house,haha good times. Well I’ll talk to you guys next week. Tchau! 

Love, Elder Oogie (pronunciation for Udy in Brazil)

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  1. Tyler, I don't know how you can stand roaches, ants, and bats. I would be scared. Good that someone feeds you since you have no money. The Lord will provide. I pray He will keep the
    bat away from you--and the other critters. You have great courage and a terrific testimony. Hang in there. You are going to find some people the Lord has been waiting for. Love. Ruby