This week we tried "inspired tracking."

Jan. 6, 2014
Nooossa sounds like an interesting week there.. I laughed really hard at the hunting story haha. I can’t believe Bandit ran off 3 times! haha o Bandit, but at least you got a bird finally! haha that sounds fun.
I had to read the thing about Jackson and May like 4 times, haha. I couldn’t believe it! That’s exciting, haha so romantic on New Year’s Eve... probably about the same time I was trying to sleep, but couldn’t because here on New Year’s Eve everyone likes to be as loud as possible so the missionaries can’t sleep... not literally just for the missionaries.. but its sooooo loud on that night, haha, everybody just blasts music and screams and goes nuts all night.. There were some people in front of our house revving their motorcycles for like an hour... I think they just enjoy being loud on New Year’s Eve,  haha. I still can’t believe they’re getting married though.. tell Jackson I said parabéns, e boa sorte porque depois ele é casado, ele provavelmente não vai ter tempo com amigos, mas ele vai estar com mutio feliz. Eu não posso acreditar nisso.
     It sounds like the basketball team gets worse every year haha. I cant believe the coach doesn’t sit on the end anymore... I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. That’s really weird, haha... only 14 ppl! thats like... half of what there was before... Not quite, but still thats like no one. O man its going downhill, haha. And they have shoes the color of pepto bismal?  I guess that’s better than the shoes we had that made my feet bleed every game. Good to hear you sat by my friends, haha. I hope they’re doing good.
     So Fortaleza is super hot like all the time.. we have  a couple investigators that will be baptized this week, we hope :) We're meeting lots of people... this week me and Elder Lima did this thing to find more people called “inspired tracting.” We started by praying for awhile about what we’re gonna do, for example when we are going to tract like what hours that day, and we asked for direct inspiration where we should go so we could find people that would be present during these hours when we were tracting, so we could find people that are ready to hear about the restored gospel. So after we prayed for a while I took out this map of our area while Elder Lima kept praying for me to be inspired, and I picked like 8 roads in our area that I felt were right and wrote them down, and after that me and Elder Lima looked at the list of 8 roads and prayerfully made a personal list of 4 or 5 each and wrote them down. After this we compared lists and had some of the same roads, so then we prayed some more and we both felt like we should go to this 1 road 23 de Junho. So we went there and we were talking to everyone trying to show our faith to God. We knew that this was the road where he sent us to find someone so we were trying to find that person, and we got some contacts and taught a couple lessons but nothing amazing. So we were kinda wondering why we felt so inspired to go there, if we didn’t find anyone who was really ready to hear our message about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. So the next day we came back to talk with one of the contacts we had, and we discovered that they were the family the Lord sent us to find. They were all just nodding their heads the whole time we were talking about the restoration and something really cool was the mom of the family received a Book of Mormon less than a week ago from one of her friends in a different area. So we were pretty pumped about the inspiration we received.
     So I have a few other stories too, so apparently our house is like the arc becuase animals are just coming in every day.. we had a lizard on our wall the other day.. I had a cockroach climbing on my foot in the middle of the night like 2 nights ago (I still have trouble sleeping becuase I’m afraid another one will climb up my leg), we still have Brucey the bat.. and now we have a parakeet that lives literally inside our window. I’ll send you some pictures.

Elder Chaves named him Peter cuz he looks like Peter Pan haha. So in the package Dad wanted you to send me my pocket knife, and more food wouldn’t hurt :) So that’s about all I got for now.. Tenha um semana boa! Feliz Ano Novo!

Elder Udy

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  1. Hi Tyler, I'm glad you are finding people by inspired prayer. I don't know how you stand the animal life. I'm proud of you bravery. Love. Ruby