Peter (the bird)... flew away

Jan, 13, 2014

Hahahaha I laughed pretty hard at Shane’s story.. reminds me of this week I was walking down the sidewalk talking with Elder Lima, you know trying to be spiritually uplifted and all, and as we were talking part of the sidewalk broke under my foot and my leg fell in this like 1 and 1/2 foot hole in the side walk. I guess apparently in Brazil they don’t have septic tanks, they just have hidden streams under the sidewalks filled with... ya anyway it was a rough walk back to the apartment.. good thing I have more than one pair of shoes haha. 
I can’t believe dad sold the truck for $13000! That’s crazy haha all my friends always joked about that truck being overpriced, haha. That’s awesome tho, that’s alot of money. 
And the members here were telling me about how cold it is there, haha. They couldn’t believe it was that cold. They were telling me about how New York set a record for coldest day ever.. well I think they said something like that haha some people are pretty hard to understand still, but I feel like I’m fluent when I talk with the other missionaries haha its quite a difference.
And don’t worry we get fed every day for lunch here.. And they make us eat all their food haha so it’s a good deal and some of the members will unexpectedly bring piles of food to our house at night haha. It’s good stuff. So keep feeding those missionaries haha, They’ll love you for it. A meatlovers pizza sounds pretty good right now. 
Ok so my companion is prob like a medium.. he’s skinnier than me up top, like shoulder area, but he has a missionary belly so... medium should be fine haha and I appreciate the concerns about the cockroaches haha, but I don’t think that spray exists here... we just kill them with our sandals.. I’ve just accepted that they’ll crawl on me when I’m sleeping every now and then, but it’s all good haha it’ll be fine. 
I went on an exchange with the zone leader this week and while I was there I guess the missionaries in our house put Peter (the bird) in a box and moved him outside and he flew away?? I’m still not understanding it tho. Why did he sit on our window sill for 3 days without food or water if he could fly the whole time haha idk but anyways, I’ll try to send some pictures this week. Até mais! Tchau, Com Amor -Elder Udy
This is what happend when my companion asked me to play futbol with him with an orange that the members gave us, haha. 

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  1. Hi Tyler, Yes, we had cold weather--today it is raining. All of the snow melted with the rain the last few days. You need a pair of boots so you can hose off the sub-sidewalk soup when you return from a day of work. Love to hear about your experiences. Love. Ruby