Burger King…I walked in and it smelled like America!

January 27, 2014

I know how Jordan (boy in our branch serving in Brazil) feels! haha I’m always scared the cars are going to hit me too.. but I was more scared in the US right after I got hit by that car at BYU.. but I hope all will be well with him. 
So we took a video of us trying to get the rat out of my bag with our brooms.. I’ll see if I can send it, haha. He’s a monster.. he’s smart too. This week we placed this industrial rat trap in our kitchen. Elder Ricks had it. So we put some of my peanut butter on the trap and I guess the rat set off the trap and moved out of the way before it killed him... and after that he ate the peanut butter.. we’re still working out the kinks, but our house is almost rat free. 
Sounds like it feels like death there.. Sometimes here people say “oh its cold out today...” but it’s still like at least 90 degrees, haha. If there’s a cloud in front of the sun people feel cold here. 
Shane’s mission sounds pretty crazy (Paris, France)... but I laugh every time I read his stories, haha. On the bright side, I’m sure he’s starting to understand people pretty well by now. 
So this week we had our interviews in the office in downtown Fortaleza. I took some pictures I’ll try to send. The highlight was going to Burger King after... I walked in and it smelled like America. The only down side was everything is double the price at Burger King in Brazil, but I’m not complaining because the closet thing we have to Burger King in our area is the guy that grills on the sidewalk and sells meat on a stick.. which is actually really good. 

Mmmmm!  Burger King!
O also this week the elders quorum had an activity on Friday. Nothin like a good traditional Brazilian activity. On the table next to the grill there was at least 50 gigantic steaks and like 50 sausages. There was so much meat haha. It was so good. And after that everyone (except us) played soccer (the missionaries aren't allowed to play soccer due to the possibility of injury). It was fun to watch... They put all the Americans to shame. They are so good haha, It’s crazy. The kids here play like all day every day.... either playing football or flying kites.. I’m still not sure when they have school, but it seems like the kids are always running around in the streets here. 
I hope May and Jackson figure out there plans... but if not, maybe I’ll get back before the wedding haha. I’ll try to send some pictures today...try.. we’ll see how it goes, haha. Have a good week. Don´t forget to give the missionaries references ;) até mais!  - Com Amor, Élder Udy

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  1. Hi Ty, I hope you've gotten rid of that big rat by now. You are brave to put up with all of the critters in your home. Try to concentrate on finding people to teach, and pray the Lord will rid you of all distractions. Still praying for you. Love . Ruby