We added a new animal to the house...

January 20, 2014

So this week we had our very first baptisms... They grow up so fast, and before you know it, you have to find new people to teach haha.. It was a good day though.. I’ll try to send pictures one of these days but today I have like no time cuz we had to fill out a questionaire too. And after doing that and writing the mission pres. in Portuguese (boa sorte) the time goes quick, haha.  
So this week we added a new animal to the house. His name is Stewart, probably weighing about 7 pounds. He’s a monster rat. The first time we saw him was when Elder Chaves was walking in the bathroom. he opens the door and screams, and then we see this rat that’s the size of a guinea pig climb into the toilet and swim away down the toilet.. ya weird ik... but don’t worry, he came back. We found him again today... when I opened my suitcase to get a shirt he was just chillin there on top of my peanut butter... so then we tried to get him to leave the suitcase by hitting it with our brooms... because no one wants to get close to a rat that’s the size of a loaf of bread.. but eventually we got him to leave and Elder Ricks was going to try and kick him and kill him, but he’s a fast little guy, and he got the best of us when he ran away.  But don’t worry.. We have rat traps. 
Also we had a mega p-day at the church today. The youth from our ward invited like all the youth from the stake.. or at least that’s what it felt like... there were like 30 people there and we played water ballon volley ball and brazillian dodge ball and basketball and other stuff. It was a good time. 
Water Balloon Volleyball

Pizza dinner
     I can’t believe that Carlino isn’t starting. It seemed like Coach Rose never liked him.. I still think he’s one of their best players though. I cant believe I’m hearing so much talk about marriages, it’s pretty wild. Im gonna try to watch the videos that Jackson sent me, hopefully if I have time. We’re excited for the package. :))))))) Dont forget to send letter ;) ok I gotta go, tenha um boa semana! I’ll try to write more next week!  
     O one more thing.. remember that lady that wears the plastic bags and had all the writting on her arms... she came into the church during our baptismal meeting and I think she was trying to tell me something about the bottle she had in her hands, but i dont know.. I was really confused.. Sorry if that didn’t make much sense, but I don’t have much time.  Ate próxima semana! -

Elder Udy

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you have a rat in your bedroom and bathroom. And a big rat. I would be so scared. You are brave to stay. I pray that Heavenly Father will protect you from all of the crazy critters in your home. Hang in there. Love. Ruby