I have a new companion

Feb. 3, 2014
All I wanted to do was pet the dog, and he wanted to kill me, haha.

OOppa.. so funny that you mention you got a letter with my companion’s name from the mission president and it said I’d be with him for 12 weeks. Elder Lima was just transferred to be Zone leader and now I have a new companion.. Elder Granville.. I think that's right.. He’s Brazillian as well. I don’t really remember much about him though cuz we just got back from the transfer meeting and haven’t talked much yet, but he seams like a beast.
This week me and elder Lima started inviting everyone to be baptized in the first lesson, and it was pretty wild how well it worked. The spirit is way strong when we invite for baptism in the first lesson, and one day we invited 4 people to be baptized and they all said yes... But at the end of the week we only had 3 dates because people struggle going to church.. but that’s life as a missionary.. We’re planning on having a baptism this Saturday of this guy that teaches jujitsu. He gave a class on jujitsu one day in the parking lot of the church. Everyone here in Brazil likes karate. 
O and we killed the rat this week.. we put out some rat poison, and a few days later we smelled him when we got home at night, and he was lying dead under our oven... I’ll send some photos... I think :) ... Sounds like the Superbowl wasn’t too intense this year.. no one watches it here.. It’s soccer or nothing here, haha. But I think everyone will be going nuts during the World Cup.. actually I know everyone will be going nuts, haha. 
Those snow rolls are strange.. but whatever it takes to cancel school, haha. 
So here we get some references but most the time we are teaching people that we contact ourselves. Either talking in the street or some other way. However, lessons with members teaching friends of the members are always way more spiritual. O ya. I forgot to tell you I gave a talk my 3rd week here..or maybe it was my 4th I can't remember... but it wasn’t bad. It was only 5 minutes so it was fine.. or at least I think it was fine... the members told me I was already speaking well, so that’s a good sign.  Tell Dad I said happy birthday.. 48 sounds pretty old haha, but he still looks young ;)  Have a good week. Help the missionaries :) até mais! Com Amor, Seu Filho -Elder Udy

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