We baptized the guy who does karate

Feb. 10, 2014

Noossaa I can´t believe you guys finally sold the truck. Good thing Dad figured out that the wheels weren’t locked in right, haha. And Cole went to a dance with 5 stakes! Did he dance? They had a dance here in Fortaleza this week with every stake in Fortazela.. which is like 2 missions worth of wards... that’s alot of people haha. Idk how it worked, but all the teanagers were goin’ nuts... so sounds like the (high school) basketball team is pretty much the same as last year... I’m sure Coach had a rough time staying in a chair the rest of the game after the technical. I want to play basketball.... but it’s not really an option here... I don’t even know where I would find a basketball. 
So my new companion is Elder Granville. He knows like everything in the Bible haha.. like seriously everything. I’m learning alot about scriptures with him. This week we baptized the guy that does karate, and I got to baptize him. Everyone in the ward loves him. He comes to church and all the people in the elders quorum treat him like they’re his best friend.  That helps alot. I’ll send you some pictures of the baptism.. 

So Elder Granville is from Porto Alegre.. Rio Grande do Sul... I’m not sure if I spelled that right, but it’s something like that... he said its way different were he lives... it’s like a different country... he said where he lives it seems more like America than here. He’s been to America more than 10 times because he has family that lives there....and his dad has a good job. 
So this week we were at this apartment complex.. and they have this guy that is always at the gate, and you need to tell him where you’re going before you can enter.. So I told him that we were going to block Q.. or at least thats what I thought I said... but I guess I swore at him, haha, and you can imagine how that went.. So I’m still learning some things, haha, but I can converse with people and understand almost everyone.. Elder Chaves and Elder Rick are still living with me too. The only person that was transferred from our house was Elder Lima. Então.. tell Peyton I’m excited for the letter #hype.. and keep enjoying seminary :) I’ll send some pictures.. Até mais!  
Elder Udy

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  1. I'm so proud of you, Tyler. Keep up the good work. Love. Ruby