Carnival is starting here this week

February 24, 2014

       Noooossaa I can’t believe Jackson broke his leg! I showed my companion the pictures haha. That’s pretty crazy. Sounds like it was pretty intense haha. I still haven’t read Jackson’s email haha. I’m pretty excited though. I’m sure he´ll be back to the jumps eventually... that’s pretty crazy though. I liked the picture of the rod in his leg haha. Hopefully it gets better soon. Sounds like he’s been having fun haha. 
       The chapel we had our zone conference in was gigantic... I’m pretty sure it’s bigger than most temples... It’s 6 floors.. it’s like a sky scraper haha. I’ll try to take a picture next time.. but they should really think about building a bigger chapel in Conjunto Ceará haha, the gospel principles class can’t fit anymore people. I think the missionaries are gonna have to start sitting in the hall haha... 
       So this week we baptized "H", who is the grandson of my first baptism, and this week we had 9 investigators in sacrament meeting! If everything goes well we´ll have 5 baptisms this week, I’ll let you know how it goes next week. Everyone we’re finding is really receptive and they’re understanding the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it’s true because when they receive an answer they’ll know that the church is true and Joseph Smith was a true prophet. It’s really not complicated and people are seeing that. God is working hard in our area. That’s cool that Ariel is still being a missionary. I want to be the same way... one day... when I return home haha. 
       So "carnival" is starting here this week. It’s nuts. People are blasting music all the time and its already a party... the members are telling us which areas to avoid because I guess in some areas people have egg wars. Like they all throw eggs at each other haha.. and pour bags of flour on each other too. It’s pretty wild here. 
       So BYU might make the tournament this year? I really wanna play basketball, but I’m learning to accept that I won’t play real basketball for a long time haha. I’m in downtown Fortaleza right now. Elder Granville has to do something with his drivers license here, so I'll try to take some pictures and send them next week. Até mais!

Elder Udy 

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