Ants, Baptisms, and Carnival

March 3, 2014

        Sounds like you're having fun at BYU, haha. I'm sure Jackson's roommates love you for making them food, haha. Tell them I said hi :) .. How long are you going to live the college life? Sounds like you're having fun in Provo, haha. I can imagine that Jackson's roommates didn't have any dish rags haha.. all we have here is one sponge that was yellow but is turning black.... but don't worry we're going to buy a new one because our mission president promised us that if we clean our houses until they're perfect, we´ll have a beautiful wife one day. So we decided to clean our house better, haha. So one night this week when we got back to the house we found about 200 gigantic ants with wings crawling out of this hole in the wall next to our sink. So naturally we all ran to grab our cameras... and after we took pictures, we decided we should probably do something about all the ants.... so not knowing what we should do I suggested that we spray them with my insect repellent.. its like deet a million, so I thought it might kill them on impact... but instead it just caused them to go nuts and start flying around in our kitchen... and we discovered that there was about 100 more ants that hadn't come out of the hole yet.. until we sprayed it, haha. So we all grabbed a broom or dust pan or whatever and started batting them out of the air until we killed them all... but don't worry we still had to pick up all the 300 mammoth ant corpses. Haha I hope I can send the video through email so you guys can see... O and this all happened the day after last p-day when we cleaned the house to perfection haha. 

Winged Beasts

        So this week we had 3 baptisms. We had planed for 5 baptismal interviews but on the night before the interviews the grandma of 2 of the girls we baptized locked herself in her house, and when we talked with the mom of the girls we baptized she said sometimes her mom is bipolar and freaks out. So we don't really know what to do. But anyway... 2 of the girls we baptized are part of a family.. we are teaching them all.. the dad is a less active that hasn't been to church in years and the mom is an investigator. Whenever someone asks her if she's a member yet, she always says "no, but I will be after I get married to my husband," haha. And the dad of the girls is returning to church wearing a shirt and tie, so we're pretty happy about this family. Also, we baptized a guy named Rafael that lived in Spain for 2 years and he's been teaching me some Spanish haha.. I don't know how to write it, but I've been learning the basics.. I'll be tri-lingual! haha. So yeah, I'll try to send you some photos. 

        So during carnival here everyone's pretty nuts haha... in most the roads..well almost all the roads.. there's people covered in flour and egg haha. They all throw eggs and flower at each other. We were visiting someone yesterday and when we were in the road this kid came up to us and said he was going to throw this egg on my head, and my companion looked at him like he was going to kill him... and then he went away haha. It's pretty crazy right now but carnival is only for one week. It'll be over this Wednesday. So yeah, pretty much everyone is crazy right now. Elder Rick and Elder Chaves told us a story of a guy they met yesterday on the side of the road. He was just sitting there alone so they went over to him and sat next to him and asked him his name. He looked at them kinda funny and said.. do you want the name that my parents gave me.. or the name that..... (he just pointed up to the sky without saying anything)... and Elder Ricks said Hmm whatever you want me to call you 
I guess.. so the man paused for a second and said ok.. You can call me God. WHAT?!? haha 
I thought it was pretty funny. But anyways I'll try to send some pictures. Continue ser super Mãe. Até próximo semana. 
Com Amor, Élder Udy

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  1. Hi Ty. I'm glad I'm not with you. The ants were bad enough but I certainly don't want to take a chance of someone throwing eggs and flour on me. You are brave. I pray for your safety every day. Love. Ruby