I took a spoonful of the milk candy...

March 31, 2014
Oi! So if you try Mom, I’m sure you can learn Portuguese... the basics are pretty easy if you already know Spanish... por exaplo... “como tu estas” is “como você está”... it’s basically the same language! 
It’s probably a good idea for Jackson to get an automatic car because May probably wouldn’t want to drive a stick shift. I think in all the time I’ve been in Brazil I still haven’t seen an automatic car... I don’t think they exist here, haha.
I was wondering about the NCAA tourney last night... here it’s almost time for the World Cup... it’s all we talk about during our lunches with members, haha. People here are crazy for soccer. 
So anyways... sounds like you’ll have to put together quite the party for Jackson and May... if you plan parties like Dad planed your 40th, you guys will have left over drinks until I get home, haha. 
So this week one day when we were eating lunch we were offered to try this dessert... milk candy... just by the sound of it I was kinda worried... like how do you go about making candy out of milk? Leave it out in the sun until it gets hard? Anyways.. after she offered us the milk candy and brought it over to the table, I couldn’t tell if she really wanted us to eat it, or if she was kidding... it was in a jar with these brown hard clumps mixed with brown/clear liquid... it basically looked like someone poured milk into a jar... left it on the sidewalk for 2 years... and now we were going to eat it... she told us that when she tried it she didn’t really like it, but she’d let us try it too.. however... Elder Granville doesn’t even like fruit juice.. let alone hard milk... so naturally when she put the milk candy in front of Elder Granville, he passed it to me... and being American.. everyone in Brazil thinks you have an infinite capacity to eat all types of food. So being a proud American, I took a spoonful of the milk candy and put it in my mouth... I’ve had the taste of throwup leave my mouth a few times in my life, but I think this was the first time I had the taste of throwup enter my mouth. Words can’t describe a food that disgusting. There’s no way anyone in Brazil likes that stuff... it had to be expired or something. Even Elder Granville said he knew it was expired, but he wanted to see me eat it anyways, haha. 
So to answer your questions... no baptisms this week... we have some really good investigators.. one of them had a date for this week, but still isn’t sure if God exists... so it’s kinda complicated haha... but he’s been going to church for 3 weeks now and he reads the Book of Mormon and prays... so hopefully he’ll be baptized in the stake center this week in between sessions of conference. So on our P-days sometimes we watch movies like SharkTale or Tarzan or church movies cuz our president let’s us watch Dreamworks and Disney movies rated G.. so that’s fun or sometimes we clean the house all day because the animals leave a mess.... life’s complicated here in Brazil.. and as far as Pórtuguese goes, I feel like I’m getting it down.. I can say all the things I want now and understand people during the lessons and all... but when people use a lot of slang with a lot of accent.. it’s still kinda hard to tell what they’re saying... but it’s ok because even Brazilian missionaries can’t tell what some of the locals here are saying sometimes haha... anyways I hope you guys have a good week... tell Brock and Joe I said “hi” next time you see them. Até mais!
Elder Udy

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