The animal of the week was....

March 10, 2014

       O Cole, haha, skippin seminary and part of first period when mom sleeps in.. just like all the greats have done in the past... sounds like Jackson’s doing better.. his leg is going to be extremely small when he starts walking again, haha. Take pictures of his leg when he gets off the crutches. 
       The winter camp out story made me miss the good ol´days. The best part of winter camp out though was being miserable, haha.. I think of all the young men’s activities I remember.. the winter campout is the one I remember the best.. but it was pretty awful.. I had to walk miles through the blizzard of the century with Brother Goetman to rescue some gear.. and defrost my shoes for an hour in the morning after sleeping on a wood board with 8 people... but now I’m dying of heat here, haha. Life goes on. 
       So we asked the mission office for another fan this week cuz we were sharing one between the 4 of us... and I guess you’re supposed to have one for every missionary... which makes sense because with only 1 fan we’ve been dying of heat at night and during study. 
       So this week one day we were eating lunch in our house and all of a sudden everyone started screaming in the roads.. so naturally we all dropped what we were eating and went to see what it was... and there was this girl (15ish) running after these two other girls.. and the 15 year old was screaming they robbed me, they robbed me... so someone in the road said.. get your dad! so she goes to the side of the road and knocks on the door screaming for her dad, and then this huge (tall and fat) 65 year old man comes to the door, and she says Dad I got robbed, I got robbed... and her dad went back into the house for literally 3 seconds and returned with a machete and started running down the street with a sword, haha. But naturally he wasn’t able to run very far and the girls got away. I just couldn’t believe that he keeps a machete/sword next to his door, haha. It was like 2 and a half feet long! 
       So the animal of the week was larva. Our kitchen was full of them one day. These little white worms that look like pieces of rice...but alot more gross. Anyway I took some photos. I’ll send some pictures so you guys can see all the fun we’re having in our house, haha. O and this week I had potato juice... it was like mashed potatoes in liquid form, haha. I don’t think it was supposed to be juice.. but it was liquid and it tasted like potatoes haha... and only the Americans ate it haha, Elder Chaves and Elder Granville couldn't handle it. O and this week is transfers, so next P-day I think I’ll have a new companion because word on the street is Élder Granville will get transferred to be mission secretary. I’ll try to send pictures. Até mais! 

Com Amor, Elder Udy

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  1. Hi Ty, I pray you will be blessed abundantly for all of the hardshps you have to bear Flying ants, roaches rats, and now larvae. I know there was another pest but I can't think of it. You are brave to serve the Lord where you are located. I wish I could send you a fan. Love. Ruby