There was a group of people standing under a drain...

March 17, 2014

Looks like Cole learned well in his youth (referring to Cole learning from his brothers when playing in the church b-ball tournament)... one long red sock and all... they really do pay attention when they’re young haha. Looks like they had fun... maybe they didn’t win it all, but at least they looked good haha. It's about time Jimmer got traded, maybe he’ll get to play more now...or maybe not, haha.  I got the package you sent, thx :) but I haven’t gotten my patriarchal blessing you sent, hopefully I get it this week. We only get mail one day a week at the district/zone meeting. That’s cool that the Balls got sealed.. 
So Elder Granville and I both stayed in the area.. And Elder Chaves is still living with us... only Elder Ricks left and the new companion of Elder Chaves is Elder Moroni haha... quite the missionary name.. we´ll have to get him used to our house.. when we were at the mission conference 4 weeks ago Sister Souza (mission president’s wife) was talking and asked who had a new house that’s really nice.. and half the mission raised their hands haha, I had no idea.. I thought every house in the mission was full of animals...and insects.. and larva haha.. but there’s hope for a better house to come.. but the ward here is really good, so its worth it. They’re always willing to help us and pass references. 
So I played basketball for the first time in.. well a long time. It was last p-day me and Elder Ricks played with this Brazilian guy.. o and last week one day it started pouring rain as we were walking to our lunch.. so we took shelter in front of a house and on the other side of the street was a group of people standing under a drain...which at the time was more like a water fall... taking showers.. don’t worry they had clothes on.. but we didn’t know if they were getting cleaner or dirtier because this water wasn’t quite crystal clear haha.. but anyways..
So we have some investigators progressing. We hope to see a lot of them be baptized this transfer. The hardest thing is finding people that are willing to listen.. but they’re out there.. so don’t forget to give references to the missionaries! Até mais.
-Com amor, Elder 2

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  1. Glad you're hanging in there. May the Lord Bless you for your hard work. Love. Ruby