It's crazy the change the gospel made in her life...

March 24, 2014

Oiiiiii tudo bem? So did the missionaries meet with those ladies yet? When they go over there you should go with them.. nothing like a good lesson with a good member...  O and you should tell that girl that came to church to invite her friend Ellie. Before you know it Slippery Rock will be the stake center! 
This week we got a reference from one of our investigators. When we went to the house, there were 2 ladies that accepted pretty much everything and were really curious. When we came back for the next visit they said they were telling their friend about the first visit and how they thought it was interesting, so they brought her for the second. And their friend had more questions than they did! And they were all in church the next day!... and they’ll all be baptized here in about 2 weeks. However, if no one invites people to come to church or listen to the missionaries.... then they probably never will... but just one invite can lead to lots of baptisms...
So I’ll tell a story since Jackson always tells me to tell stories and show pictures. So the new elder in our house Elder Moroni said that in his other area.. where he came from before here... in 15 days in the one neighborhood there were 10 deaths. I think it’s spelled Bonjarjim. its pretty nuts there tho.. theres some areas of the mission here that are pretty nuts... so that wasn’t really much of a story, so I’ll tell another. So we have this family we are teaching that is always at church.. but this week they weren’t at church.. so we were wondering what happened. So last night we went over to their house so see why they weren’t in church.. and apparently what happened was the the mom got mad at the step dad (they aren’t married) and locked the house up and left without the step dad knowing.. when the step dad got back to the house and realized it was locked he just slept there on the sidewalk... (saturday night) so when we passed by sunday night he told us the story about how he was locked out and all.. so then we started to talk with him on the sidewalk in front of his house. So we were talking and talking and while we were conversing the mom and kids came back... and within 3 seconds of seeing him she just starts screaming at him and didn’t stop for 30 minutes! Basically she was mad because he doesn’t work and drinks and smokes and she says he’s a free loader and she doesn’t want these things in her life anymore, she wants to be baptized and change, and he keeps smoking and drinking. So after we entered the house she just kept screaming and yelling at him saying that she wants him to leave now and never come back and she shouldn’t have to leave her own house locked up to send a message to him that she wants him to leave. She wants to change and be baptized, but he’s stopping her. It was pretty intense while she was yelling at him for 30 minutes.. She said a lot of words I didn’t recognize.. my companion said I was lucky I couldn’t understand everything she was saying. But it’s pretty crazy the change that the gospel made in her life from drinking and all to having this desire to change and kick her boyfriend out of her house. You never know who will accept the gospel. 
O and here we don’t have a choir but we don’t have a lot of things so its ok.. sounds like you guys will be singing the whole conference with 6 songs haha. Anyways tell the fam I said hi.. O and I’m glad no one got hurt cutting down the tree. Looks like Brother Shaffer cuts trees better than he cuts hair, haha. Até mais! Eu amo vocês. 

-Elder Udy

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