I'm seeing so many new things here

Stuffed bear we found on the bus during Carnaval
April 7, 2014
Nooosssaa, Jordan lost 50 pounds?!?! (A boy that was serving in Brazil from our area) Every lunch the members feed us they don’t let us stop eating, haha. I have to do all kinds of things so I don’t get fat.. sit ups, running, praying, fasting, haha. I don’t think I’ve really gained weight though, we’ll see in a year and a half I guess. 
So conference was way good... we didn’t get to watch the Saturday sessions though... only Priesthood session, but it was really good. I liked all the talks by the first presidency and Pres. Uchtdorf's talk about not sleeping during the restoration... ("Pres. Uchtdorf asked, Are you sleeping through the restoration?  The restoration is an ongoing process.  The exciting events of today will culminate in the Second Coming.  Will we be able to say we rolled up our sleeves and worked with all our might, mind, and strength? Those who serve others will not sleep through the restoration.") and I liked the talk about being an example to others as a priesthood holder. I liked all those talks that you said too. There were so many good talks. I think you slept through the most important one for you. Elder Ballard invited all the members of the church to start reading Preach my Gospel and studying it... We watched the Sunday session of conference in English, but priesthood session was in Portugu√™s.. but it’s all good... 
So this week we didn’t have the baptism... I’m not sure if she was going to decide to be baptized already or not, but we had the interview marked for 7 o’clock Saturday night and the zone leaders never showed up, so hopefully next week it will work out better. 
So this week we found a worm in our bathroom.. the kind that sends missionaries home... it looked like a red piece of hair... but it was moving like a worm does on the floor in the bathroom... so that was interesting, haha. I’m seeing so many new things here.. like the other day we were walking down the road and I saw a motorcycle pass by us with 6 people on it! O and after conference yesterday the gears or clutch or something in the bus we were riding exploded or broke, and we had to get out and start pushing the bus up a hill with cars flying by, haha. It was pretty nuts. But alright, that’s about all I got this week. Hope you guys are doing good. Tell Cole to brush his teeth, eat his vegetables, and read his Book of Mormon (just like Elder Anderson used to) ... and tell Dad, Jackson, and May I said hi too :) 1 month till the phone call/ skype #hype
Love you guys -Elder Udy
Brazilian pizza

We find these in our apartment all the time

The winged beasts that always appear in our apartment

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