A New Area and Baptized an Atheist

April 28, 2014

OOOiii...So I got transferred to the neighborhood Montese today.... I don’t exactly know the name of our area, but I’ll figure it out soon. Hopefully all goes well here... O and I became senior companion as well #Hype.. Our new house is really small, like really small, haha. It’s a little apartment on the 4th floor of a building here. This area is pretty different... the grocery store is gigantic here... or maybe its just normal... I was used to the one in my old area that was the size of our living room and kitchen haha... but things are a little bit more expensive here... anyways.. I’m excited to work in a new area. 
Sounds like Brother Withers is similar to Elder Granville’s dad... Elder Granville said that his family went house hunting in the United States and they passed by Vegas... and while they were there his Dad took pictures with Will Smith...I guess he knows him, haha
So last week we had another "super P-day" with the youth in our ward... it was a really good activity.. everyone’s crazy so it makes for a good time... and ya we can’t play soccer... just watch... sometimes we juggle the soccer ball... but the Brazillians always really want to play and we never can haha... maybe the next president will let us. He gets here June 30th. 
Sounds like BYU basketball is going down hill.. they lost their best player (Matt Carlino)! I don’t know why the coach didn’t like him... maybe he always talks back to Coach Rose like Dan used to do with Coach Bushre, haha.
O so this week we had a baptism. We baptized an athiest! It was pretty cool.. He didn’t believe in God in the beginning... and he still has difficulty expressing his testimony.. but he always keeps our invitations to read and go to church and keep the commandments. So that was pretty cool. (I’m turning into Jackson)... so anyways thats about all I got for this week... I hope everyone is doing good. And I hope the wedding is coming along :) 
Com Amor, Elder Udy

p.s Sounds like everything will work our to have Skpye on the Monday after Mother’s Day... I’ll let you know more next week. Tell Cole that I want to see his juggling on Skype :) até mais ! 

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