I gave my 4th talk...

April 21, 2014
Hahaha as I was reading your email, I was thinking to myself ... wow this is a long email, haha and then you said Cole learned to juggle in the time that you were writing the email, haha. It made me laugh... 
Anyways, sounds like everyone liked the youth conference... sounds like fun.. and sounds like Slippery Rock had a decent turn out. Sounds like everyone from Slippery Rock is growing up these days. I can't believe Cole is dancin' with all the girls. Sounds like there were some good classes too. I miss listening to President Carter speak... he was always one of my favorite people to listen to give a talk or a class or something. 
So here in Ceará I don't think Easter is really that big a deal... most people don't even remember it's Easter... In the United States Easter is one of the two days of the year that generally everyone goes to church, but here it's the week that everyone goes on vacation and misses church haha. Our ward was really small this week... like 70 people. 
So this week I gave my 4th talk while on my mission. Our bishop has the missionaries talk every second Sunday... he's kinda crazy.. but in a good way... it used to be the 4 missionaries and the Ward Mission leader would speak... but our bishop released our ward mission leader and now we don't have one... so it was just the 4 missionaries that talked haha... 
So this week it was kinda complicated to bring people to church because everyone went on vacation.... but one of our investigators was in church this week, and he committed to live the Word of Wisdom so that's a good sign. 
O and I'll try to send a letter again... sometimes letters get lost.. u know how it goes.. we'll see what happens. O and next Monday is transfers, so maybe I'll be in another area for Mothers Day and I might not have Skype, so I'll let you know. Tenha um bom dia! Diga pra Cole que eu mandei um abraço pra ele. Tchau!

Eu amo vocês, Elder Udy

So I'm trying to send photos but I'm using a computer that seems like it was built during World War one so I accidentally set a photo of me and Elder Granville as the background, and then after trying to remove the photo as the background on the computer I gave up sending photos this week.... so I'm just gonna send the photos next week, haha. Have a good week!

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