We should be thankful for commandments...

April 14, 2014

OOiiiii e aí... 
Is Cole going to go get his permit on his birthday???  All my friends would be proud of Cole and his friends playing slam ball... he’s living the dream, haha. Basketball is one of the things I miss the most... and your food... we have a lot of rice, beans, and noodles here. Every day haha.... so I’ve been getting more creative with the things I make at night for dinner/snack. 
Sounds like Jackson’s pretty much healed.. when is the wedding again, I forget? May sent me a letter a few months ago and I was gonna send her one back but I was scared it would never get there until summer... and she wouldn’t live there anymore... the mail is not to be trusted in Brazil.... I sent a letter back to Peyton too.. and I don’t think she ever got it... so maybe I’ll try sending a few more... it’s kinda hard though cuz we don’t have a post office in our area, haha. 
So this week was pretty good we usually teach 30ish lessons in a week... and we were teaching some families that were way receptive this week, and we were hoping to have lots of people in church, but only a couple of our investigators came to church. We keep learning more and more about the principle of free agency... but it’ll all work out. 
This week our mission president taught us about how we should be thankful for commandments. He explained how God loves us just how parents love their kids. And the same way parents set rules with their kids to protect them, God sets rules with us to protect us. And our president explained how God wants to bless us, but he can’t give us everything he wants to unless we obey all the commandments. The same way that parents have more experience than their kids... God knows better than us, and he knows what will make us most happy. 
I hope you guys have a good week :) I think I’ll be able to Skype on the day after Mother’s Day, or call on Mother’s Day... whatever works better for you guys. Tenha uma boa semana! Até próxima, Elder Udy

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