My Portuguese is getting better

Dec. 6, 2013

Boooooaaa tarde. So the scripture I want on my plaque is D&C 50: 28-30. Sorry I didn’t send it sooner, haha and tell Jordan Manaus (Brazil) will be awesome. One of our instructors told us that when he was on his mission there, him and his companion went to establish the church in a native village and baptized 200 people in 1 week.. that’s crazy. 
O also I wanted to know if you could buy me a Portuguese triple :) (I figured out how to make smilies)... like one with the nice leather covers like my English quad... if u don't want to, that’s fine. I’ll understand since I’m the middle child, I don’t expect much.. but if u send me one I’ll be eternally grateful :) and plus I kinda already got the case haha.. 
So it sounds like dad’s getting pretty soft with the lights. My companion said the lights at his house give temple square a run for their money. He said they use so many lights that his mom can’t use the toaster cuz there’s not enough power or something haha.. 
    So I don’t really have too much to tell you yet since everyday is spent in a classroom pretty much all day haha, but my Portuguese is getting way better but then when I hear some of the missionaries talk that are from Fortaleza, it sounds like a different language sometimes cuz of their accent haha. 
So for Christmas they put lights around the courtyard. I’ll send u a picture in 2 weeks.. but it was night time and all the missionaries were out there and we were all counting down for when these Christmas lights turned on, and when we finished counting down, the amount of lights that turned on was probably about the same as our front yard.. but all the missionaries still went nuts haha,we’re deprived of change.. after sitting in the same room for 5 weeks the courtyard with some Christmas lights is pretty much life changing.

Elder Udy and Elder Cavalier

    So ya, I don’t know how you manage to know about my life before I tell you, but handing out the Book of Mormons was cool. I didn’t really know how to say much, haha but I gave it my best and they seemed to understand, so the Spirit must speak Porutuese haha. Some of them seemed really interested... but then again it was kinda hard to tell haha, but it made me excited to go to Fortaleza to teach real people. 
Good luck this week with Cole’s homework.. and tell Jackson good luck with finals idk when that is, but it’s probably soon. Tenha um bom dia! Tchau!

Elder Udy

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