Mission conference with Elder Neil L. Andersen

May 19, 2014

Oiiii! Nooossa Jackson’s car is pretty sweet. And I’m sure May is glad that it isn’t stick shift, haha. So today was the day that Elder Andersen came to talk to our mission and the Fortaleza East mission as well. We all went to one of the churches in the Fortaleza East mission to have the meeting. There were over 340 missionaries with the 2 missions combined. Our mission has 206 missionaries and Fortaleza East has the rest. So to get there by 7:30 we had to be in our chapel at 6:00 to get on the bus that our zone and one of the other zones rented... so to get to the church by 6:00... or a little before 6:00 to be safe... we woke up at 330... and we haven’t been home yet... so I kinda forgot to bring my camera with the memory card to send you the photos :/ .... so idk if the party is this week or next but I’ll send the photo next week if you still want it :) or you can use some photoshop to try to find a picture that works.. You’re the "google queen," I’m sure you’ll figure something out if May´s mom still wants to make the cutouts. O and I sent you the song that we sang today. They recorded it... I haven’t listened to it yet (the recording), but live it was pretty good... so hopefully the recording sounded good too. 
But anyways, I hope the wedding hype is going good. Hopefully this week we will baptize that family.. They have 3 kids, 12, 5, and 3. They would be the first full family that I baptized in the mission :) Remember them in your prayers :) Elder Andersen taught us about how we need to help our investigators realize the role that Jesus Christ has in our lives. Too many people don’t understand clearly why he suffered for us, or how we need to use the atonement in our own lives in order to have eternal life. If all the investigators of missionaries had a clear objective of why it’s important to live the gospel, they would sacrifice more to go to church, or read scriptures. They would give more value to spiritual things. And the best way to understand that is reading the Book of Mormon. It was a good experience to listen to an apostle talk about missionary work.
Sounds like the missionaries in Slippery Rock are having some success and being well fed haha. I would give up a lot of p-day to eat Bob’s subs haha. But anyways, I’ll try to send some photos next week. I know I always say that, but I’ll really try haha. Have a good week :) 
Eu amo vocês, boa semana e bom casamento/festa.

Com Amor, Élder Udy

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