Finding lots of married couples to teach

        Nossa, looks like I missed out haha (on the wedding). Sounds like everything went well :) Cole looks so tall dressed up next to Jackson's friends. Do you have a photo of Jackson and May smiling in wedding clothes in front of the temple or something like that... I want a picture to use to teach about the law of chastity and temple marriage. So if there's a photo like that send it :) Sounds like everything went pretty much perfect. 
How was MIT? Looks like you checked it out for me... only about 5 more years haha. I've always wanted to got to the (TD)Garden too.... but makes sense that you guys would go there after I'm gone. Looks like everyone enjoyed the trip though haha. How long's the honeymoon? Are they staying on the beach? So I got the letter with Jackson and May's wedding announcement this week. My zone really liked it haha. Everyone kept talking about the food and parties I'd be missing out on. Then this week I got sick for 4 days including Saturday and one of the missionaries I live with would say... just imagine.. you're here on your mission, dying of sickness, walking all day in the sun, giving your all to the Lord, and you family is having a party eating good food and getting ready for a wedding in the temple. However, I didn't even know you guys were also sight seeing at my favorite basketball team's venue and my college of choice haha. But sounds like you guys had fun :)
So here we're getting ready for transfers already this week. This Sunday we´ll know where/who is getting transferred and Monday is the transfer. So the family we're teaching went on vacation this week. I don't think they'll be baptized until next transfer. However, we're finding lots of married couples to teach too. Oh, last week in the missionary choir I sang tenor. And there were about 40 people. 10 in each section. It turned out pretty good. And in the part that's acapela the tenors are divided in tenor 1 and 2.. I was the higher part. Anyways, have a good week. Have fun at the party... all my friends emailed me and said they're going haha, so I'm sure they'll be there.. Have a good week. Good luck with the party :) Até mais, tanha uma boa semana.
<3 Élder Udy

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