Bus Strike

June 2, 2014

Sounds like the party was quite a success, looks like a lot of good food that I’m missing out on, haha. I really want some good food these days, a person can only handle so much rice and beans ya know, haha. Looks like Sean’s about doubled in size since I left, haha. That’s cool that my friends came to the party, I hope everyone liked it... I was hoping dad would buy lots of drinks for the party so that there would be some left over gatorade in the basement when I get back in a year and a half, haha. Sounds like Cole is really quite the enterpenuer these days... I’m pretty sure I spelled that wrong but its been a while since I’ve spoken English haha. 
So we had transfers today... when I was at the transfer meeting I talked to Elder Chaves and Elder Moroni and Elder Granville who were in my old area... they were telling me all kinds of crazy stories about the area and members. So Elder Dorneles (my companion) was transferred to Bom Jargim.. and my new companion is Élder Carmo... who is Brazillian as well... I don’t think I’ll ever be companions with an American. 
     This week we had a bus strike here in Fortaleza... all the bus drivers didn’t work... so basically everything stopped in Fortaleza because everyone..everyone uses the bus... so we had to walk like an hour and a half to get to our lunch appointment and another hour and a half to get back, haha our area is pretty big so we always use the bus to go to lunch or to church... because the church building isn’t in our area. This week there’s supposed to be another strike as well... and a police strike too... so things are getting pretty crazy... if there's a police strike, as you could imagine, we’ll stay inside because things would get pretty crazy here without police. 
So our mission president is leaving after this month... and we have a goal as a mission to baptize 317 this month. Until now the mission baptized about 70 so we’ll see how it goes. I hope that all goes well with our investigators and we have a lot of success this month. But anyways, Looks like everyone at home is happy... Cole is rich, the party is over so you can rest, and Jackson is married so I’m sure he’s happy, and dad has lots of good left over food for you to pack in his lunches so he should be happy too, haha. Anyways, I hope you have a good week and get to sleep a lot. Love you guys. Áte mais, 

Élder Tyler 

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