Everyone is watching the soccer games all the time

June 23, 2014

O Cole, haha I can’t believe you let him drive home from Pittsburgh. Looks like he enjoys driving. I can’t believe Dan is gonna get married :0 that’s pretty crazy. I never thought I’d see the day that one of my friends from the basketball team got married. I heard that Obama was at the Brazil game too... that’s what someone here told me at least... I took a bunch of pictures of our barbeque and of the soccer stadium "under the lights".. but I forgot my adapter this week so it’ll have to wait until next week. So I’m pretty excited to get the package.. it’s been a while since I got any mail *hint* *hint* :) O I think I forgot to ask you again, but did you send that book in the package "Cuiabatizar"? 
So here pretty much everyone is watching the soccer games all the time, haha. One of our investigators even has a tv built into his car so when he’s driving he can watch the games. And about 70% of the cars have some sort of Brazil flag or paint or something haha. 
So this week is the last week of President Souza. He leaves on the 27th at night and our new President, President Bonini I think it is... will get here shortly after... everyone’s anxious to see what will change with the new mission president. I hope he allows us to play basketball with the members on p-day because right now we can’t... but in this stake there are some young men and leaders that always play on the court here... they have a full size outdoor court here... and they wanted to play with us, but first we have to see if we're allowed. O the life of a missionary. 
  So today will be another Brazil game. So we’ll be staying in our house tonight... maybe we’ll watch a church movie on our portable dvd player. So during the last soccer game I read "Our Heritage" and after I read about our family history... I thought it was pretty cool that one of my great great.... great grandpas talked about Elder Savage (the main character in 17 Miracles) in his journal and about the experiences they went through pulling handcarts across the plains... and one of my other great... great grandpas from the other side of the family was baptized by Brigham Young and was part of the Original Quorum of the 70 and married Brigham Young’s first cousin. 
So hopefully Cole is enjoying summer at home alone without a job... and Jackson’s enjoying the married life and his internship. Eu espero que vocês tem um ótima semana que vem. 2 more years and you and dad won’t even have any more kids in the house. :0 Have a a good week! Enjoy the World Cup for me haha. Tchau!
Com Amor, Élder Udy

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