It's pretty exciting to be here during the World Cup

June 30, 2014

So this week was pretty tough to work cuz Monday was a Brazil game at night...
Fortaleza soccer stadium under the lights
so we didn't even leave the house.. after that we had our last meeting with President Souza all day on Wednesday, and Saturday was the other Brazil game... so after the Brazil game everyone went crazy... there was a group of people that ran up to our roof and were shooting off fireworks, so that was kinda cool. Pretty much everyone was shooting off fireworks after the game. It's pretty exciting to be here during the World Cup, even if we can't watch the games. However, usually we know what's going on by the amount of fireworks and swear words from our neighbors. When you start to hear hundreds of fireworks outside you know Brazil scored. 
So that guy that sent you the video was the missionary that baptized President Souza´s wife, Sister Souza. She invited him to show to us the difference that one baptism can make. She said that when she and her family were baptized by this missionary, she was 11 years old. Years later, she took part in converting her boyfriend who was soon baptized. Soon after, they got married in the temple, and much later were called to be President of the Fortaleza mission. Also, with their kids and grandkids their family has 38 members, many which have married in the temple and served missions as well. So after she explained all this, she invited this older returned missionary to talk to us. He said to us, you don't know who you're baptizing or what they will become or the difference they will make. He had no idea that the little 11 year old girl that he baptized would later lead an entire mission and they'd have kids who would all either be Bishops, Stake Presidents, or members of the Stake Presidency. It was inspirational to see the difference that one baptism makes.
So anyways, things are pretty much crazy as ever here... all the back roads are decorated with Brazil flags and paint and banners and what not. Hope everything's going well there.. Yesterday we picked some coconuts off the tree, and Elder Carmo was hacking it with a little knife trying to open it.. it was almost like they do in the movie "The Other Side of Heaven"... but we only had a little knife we borrowed from our neighbor. Anyways I'll send some pictures this week. Love you guys :)  Elder Udy

Cutting open coconut

Preparing for BBQ

Grilling the meat

Rooftop ambience, Viva Brazil!

Fortaleza sunset

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