World Cup Festivities begin Thursday

June 9, 2014

So I’m trying to send pictures right now, but when I plug in my adapter it says the memory card is empty... but when I put the memory card back into the camera it says it’s full.... it’s pretty annoying... maybe I’ll figure it out or maybe I’ll just take more pictures on the other memory card that actually works... 
Happy Birthday!! ... I wrote down in my planner to tell you happy birthday last week... but then I forgot :) haha but sounds like it was fun... seems like dad still gets carried away when he cooks too... in the good old days he would supervise me, Jackson and Cole and we would do everything while he watched... or at least it seems like that in my memory haha.  Sounds like you have some work to do in your new calling. Better get everyone excited and inviting their friends to the activities... if everyone brought a friend imagine all the people you’d have coming. 
So this Thursday I’m pretty sure the World Cup festivities will begin... in the favelas in our area they have green and yellow everywhere.. banners and flags and they painted the ground and their houses and its like a party 24/7... its pretty wild haha. If Brazil wins it’ll be pretty nuts... but I think Germany is going to win. I’m going to look for shirts to send you guys... I’m sure there will be tons here in a week or so when all the tourists have arrived... so I guess there’s supposed to be a 3rd bus strike this week and a police strike Saturday... so on Thursday we’re going to have to stay in our house until 7 o'clock... and if there’s a police strike we’ll be staying inside Saturday too... so we are hoping to baptize 2 investigators this week... hopefully it all works out with the hype of the World Cup. There’s supposed to be riots and all kinds of crazy things. We´ll see what happens. 
So Elder Carmo arrived in Fortaleza with me. I just have 4 more weeks than him on the mission cuz he’s Brazilian and wasn’t in the MTC as long as I was. Hopefully we have more success this transfer. Elder Carmo is 26 years old and is from Para (a state in Brazil) and he’s about as tall as May. But he’s a really good worker and missionary. He’s the only member of the church in his family. His accent is hard to understand sometimes, but he’s a good guy. I’ll try to send a photo of us next week because I have to use the other memory card. 
Sounds like everything’s going good... good to hear that everyone’s still playing basketball in our driveway haha. Hopefully they pass by more to play basketball with Cole or he’ll be really bored all summer haha.  O and all those things you said you're going to send in the package sound great :) I’m not really needing anything so anything you see that I like, you can send haha...o and more peanut butter cuz Elder Dorneles ate all of mine, haha então, eu espero que vocês têm uma boa semana. Até próxima! 

Com Amor, Élder Tyler

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