The World Cup this week was pretty wild

June 16, 2014
Mission conference with Elder Anderson. (Elder Udy is in the center about 5 or 6 rows back)

The World Cup this week was pretty wild... everyone goes nuts here during the Brazil games... and it should be even crazier tomorrow when Brazil plays in Fortaleza... we will be in our house during the game because everyone goes crazy during the games. So we stay inside one hour before and one hour after the game. A total of 4 hours. So on the roof of our apartment building there's this big grill. I think we're going to barbeque on the roof during the game... to do something fun because we can't watch the game... and we can't even watch church movies on our portable dvd player that we have in the house because Élder Dorneles broke it... or at least that's what Élder Savaryn says (Argentinian) haha. I don't know what the real story is. 

This is what we did during the Brazil soccer game, haha.
So this week was pretty rough on the missionary work because everyone always wants to watch all the games... and seeing as there is a game every hour or every day starting around noon... its kinda rough... but things are still progressing. This week we hope to have a baptism. Hopefully it all works out.. He was already interviewed and everything, he just wanted to wait a little more.. but in church he was really excited and he went to an activity last week with 2 of his kids and was meeting new people and having fun, so we hope that this will be the week of his baptism :) 
Sounds like the missionaries there are pretty good. Better buy them a pizza or something.. or invite them over for more dinners. I find it interesting how here the members give a lot more importance to the missionaries meals. The members here feed missionaries every lunch except P-day... but in the US its like 3 or 4 meals a week (I think)... or at least in our ward.. but then again in the US sometimes you have Chinese food or Mexican or Italian... here its rice and beans or nothin, haha, but the members know how to cook pretty well, so it's always tasty.. but anyways. I hope you guys have a good week. Enjoy watching the World Cup. Amo vocês.

Élder Udy

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