They brought out a huge cake...

July 21, 2014
           Hey family, sounds like the vacation's been fun so far. I thought it was funny how dad got another ticket.. he's always been good at that. I thought it was funny too that they ended up in Akron when you fell asleep haha. By the pictures it looks like Cole's taller than Jackson now. And it looks like it was pretty hot there. I know how you feel, haha. My fans kinda broken so it only spins like half speed... and I always point it towards me when I go to sleep, but it spins away from me after like 5 minutes. These fans are really annoying, haha. There's always something wrong with them.
          So I'm liking the new area... I'm not sure how it always happens that my ward never has a ward mission leader haha, but we talked with our stake president and he said they'll get us a ward mission leader. He said that the Bishops had a fireside with Elder Neil L Anderson and he told them that the Ward Mission Leader should be the best Man that the ward has, so we're excited to see what happens. 
          So this week on my birthday one of the families made a surprise cake for me. We were walking down the road on my birthday and we ran into one of the members here that told us that his sister wanted to talk to us. A little confused we decided to go to their house to see what it was. As we got closer we ran into another member of the family that told us the same thing... that his sister wanted to talk to us. So when we got to their house they invited us in and told us to sit down. So we sat there waiting for their sister to appear that everyone had been saying wanted to talk to us. So we waited a few minutes and all of a sudden they brought out this huge cake and like 10 people singing happy birthday haha. So it was pretty nice to feel so loved in a new area. 
         O and thanks for the information on BYU :) and to answer your questions we have district meeting on Wednesday, but in our mission we always meet with our whole zone. Which is good because our district only has 4. So my companion Elder Castanho left for the mission the same day as Shane.. He has one week more than me on the mision. He's from São Paulo. We´ll end up finishing the mission on the same day. But anyways thats about all I got.. I'll send some pictures this week... I wanted to last week but the computer I was using had windows 98 I think and wasn't recognizing my flash drive, haha. But I think this week it'll work out. Have a good week and Vacation. Até Mais!

Élder Udy

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