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July 28, 2014
One of the families I was teaching in Montese, and our stake president

Oi... Looks like vacation was fun.. We don’t really get vacation here.. but it’s ok, one day I’ll get to go on vacation again, haha.  I also thought it was funny that May couldn't golf since no one uses left handed clubs...except her and Dan Jeon.  Cole is lookin’ pretty tall these days, but I never trust the photos because he always tries to do something to make himself look taller when someone’s taking a picture. 

I cleaned the bathroom like.. really clean today... and I was thinking about all the times you cleaned the house over the years to keep it so clean.. I don’t know why you never asked Cole to get on his knees and scrub the toilet.. but I guess there’s still some time for him to learn. 

I always get excited Wednesday morning to see if my packages have arrived yet or not, because Wednesday morning we meet with our zone and the zone leaders bring all the packages for our zone that arrived in the mission home that week. Hopefully this is the week :) however, usually the only thing we receive is Books of Mormon and missionary pamphlets haha. So my new apartment is super nice.. it's really clean and everything’s new.. The only problem is that my fan doesn’t work... but you can't ask for too much right?
We set our fans on our suitcases because the bases of the fans are broken
O and this week we got a new Ward Mission leader.. like yesterday.. and he’s already fixing things up. He talked with the ward missionaries and we’re going to meet with them on Sunday to "train" them. And every Sunday now we’re going to have a missionary moment in the sacrament meeting where someone will have given a Book of Mormon to someone that week, and they will bear their testimony about how it was and invite someone else to hand out a Book of Mormon the next week... and it will be like that every week. We were starting to do this in my other ward in Montese, but I got transferred so hopefully it goes well here. 

We met an investigator this week as well that said he already knows the church is true, he has been going to church in the other ward for 2 weeks in my first area’s ward... but he’s going to start going to our ward here.. and he’s going to get married in August.. and he’s going to start feeding us 4 missionaries lunch haha. I’ve never seen an investigator "tão eleito" in my life haha. So on Sundays we have like 120 I think at church... it’s pretty good here...
Church building in Montese

Church building in Montese

Things are going good. I’ll send you pictures since I wasn’t able to last week. Hope you guys get home all right.  Have a good week. Love you guys.
-Élder Udy

Decorated street during the World Cup...I have to hide my camera behind my companion when I take the picture or I'll get robbed.

Street decoration during the World Cup

Birthday cake we bought for Elder G's birthday that was in the same week as mine

Baptism last Saturday

2 of the missionaries I'm living with

Festiva Julina activity

Festiva Julina activity

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