Oiii... So turns out that no one was transferred in our house.. except for me. So now I’m in the other city Caucaia that is to the side of Fortaleza.. Its pretty much the same city haha. So I was transferred here to be District Leader... And now my companion is Elder Castanho, another Brazilian from São Paulo. When I found out I was gonna leave Montese, I was sad because there was this this guy and his son we were teaching for like 10 weeks that is gonna be baptized next week and finally when he was getting excited to get baptized.. I got transferred, but that’s how it goes I guess. I took a picture with them I’ll send it after. 
So its about time that the World Cup ended. It’s pretty hard to have lots of success when you have to stay inside so much during the week. But now that its over and I’m in a new area things are looking up. Sounds like Cole is finally learning to appreciate the finer things in life haha, but I can’t believe he got sunburned again. I don’t no why he never uses sun screen.... If he goes to a place like Fortaleza on his mission he´ll end up going home with skin cancer haha. 
           So remember how I told you that we finally got a Ward mission leader in my other ward (Park of the Nations) Parque das Nações... well I was talking with Elder Ricks whose place I’m filling here... and he said their Ward Mission Leader went inactive a few weeks ago..haha every ward I go to doesn’t have a Ward Mission Leader.
Sounds like the vacation will be fun. Nothing like some time with Wade to make you laugh haha. And Cole won’t even have anyone to fight with in the car or pick movies for him to watch. Hopefully dad won't even have to yell at him haha. Sounds like you guys will have fun. 
Sounds like Girls camp was fun. I miss listening to President Carter speak. I think he´ll be an apostle one day haha.. So I don’t really know anyone here, so doesn’t really make for too big of a birthday celebration, but I’m sure the missionaries I live with will do some celebrating with me haha. I feel like an old man now.. 20 is old. I can’t believe I’ve already been here for 8 months. So I’ll look for something to buy maybe... but seeing as I just left the area that has things to buy for an area with dirt roads idk how much shopping I’ll be doing haha... maybe I’ll just use it to buy more food :) ... o could u tell me how much money is on my debit card? O and did u find out the requirements for a brazilian to go to BYU?
So this is about all I got for this week. Sounds like everything’s going good there. Hope you guys have a good vacation. I'll send you some pictures. Tenha uma boa semana! Amo vocês!
-Élder Udy

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