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October 13, 2014

       Heyyyy mom... sounds like Slippery Rock High School football has come a long way in just a few years from being the worst team in school history to 42 in the state. Sounds like everyone's enjoying themselves back home. I heard about that movie “Meet the Mormons” but I didn’t know it was playing in all the theaters across the US... I’ll add it to my list of things to do after the mission haha. Ask Dad if we have the book at home Doctrines of Salvation by Joseph Fielding Smith... I thought maybe he’d have it since he’s always buying new books.  Or maybe Grandpa has it... Udy or Bitter... there’s 3 volumes.. and we have one here... but it’s pretty much impossible to find because it’s old and they aren’t printed anymore. So ask Dad if we have it :) its a good book. If you can find it on the internet or in the house you should send them to me :)
       So this week was good. I don’t know if I told you guys or not but President Bonini changed our district meetings. We used to meet with everyone in the zone (24 missionaries) every Wednesday morning, but now all the districts in the mission will meet separate in their own church buildings. Which means now I’ll be teaching every week haha. It’ll be good to have the meeting more focused on the difficulties of our district and our investigators... Also we could watch Disney movies before but that was done away with as well haha... maybe now I’ll finally be able to convince the Brazilians to play basketball with me because there won’t be anything else to do haha. 
       So Christmas is arriving... we’ve been singing Christmas hymns every morning since August. Now its only 2 months away! Maybe you don’t have the best yard on the street (grubs)... but you can still have the most Christmas lights of the neighborhood! I always wanted to set up millions of Christmas lights.. or maybe I didn’t really want to do it that bad because I never ended up actually doing it.. but it would make for a good picture for Christmas this year :) I’m sure Cole would like to do it. 
       So right outside our house there’s a bird’s nest. And while we were studying this morning a baby bird fell out of the nest right in front of our door. I think the mom pushed it so it could learn how to fly, but anyways it waited there for a few seconds and then entered our house and started to fly around.... and Elder Wilhelm tried hitting it with a broom, and it got scared and hid behind our washing machine... I remembered those birds that always entered in the garage and flew around and would never leave (hummingbirds). But eventually elder Hodge grabbed it in his hand and left it outside. 
       So here in the ward things are pretty much the same. We have some baptisms that fell through these days, but that’s how it goes sometimes here on the mission. I’ll send you guys some pictures of the happenings these days. Hope everything’s going good. Sounds like Jackson’s getting lots of job opportunities... good thing he didn’t study economics ;) have a good week! Love you guys.

Elder Udy

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