We are pretty excited for Christmas

       October 20, 2014
       Oi... I can't believe that guy is running across the US and he stopped at our house haha that’s pretty wild. Imagine running across the US... and I thought it was a lot running to Giant Eagle and back. I can't believe you found the Doctrine of Salvation books! They pretty much don't exist in Brazil haha.              
       So this week I got the letter you sent me. I really liked Uncle Kevin's mission journal entries. I still can't believe the one about them getting robbed while they were sleeping. And that the robber stole their car haha. I decided to write more detailed journal entries and specific experiences rather than just about the day. 
        So here we are pretty excited for Christmas... we were talking about decorating the house with lights and a tree and everything already... but seeing as Christmas will happen in the next transfer.... I don't even know if I'll be here haha so maybe we'll wait to find out. O and by the way that was me using my debit card... I bought a hammock and a basketball and maybe something else I can't remember... but the hammock's pretty nice... these days I sleep in the hammock every night. Our house is really hot because we don't have windows... so the other night it was like 90 degrees in the other bedroom where Elder Wilhelm and Elder Hodge sleep so they decided to sleep in our room now because there's a little tiny window where some wind enters sometimes at night and its about 10 degrees cooler. So now the 4 of us sleep in the same room. Me and Elder Imperador in hammocks and the others in the beds. 
       So this week was pretty good. We met a family that was inactive for awhile. The mom of the family told her son that when he sees the missionaries walking in the road that he needs to tell them to visit because she wants to go to church. So the other day this kid comes up to us in the road and says hey elders my mom wants to talk to you because she wants to be mormon. haha so we tried to enter in the apartment complex all week but the telephone in her house is broken and the guard in the front never lets us in unless she authorizes it. So after trying everyday all week and being a little discouraged... the kid found us in the road again and told us he set up an appointment with the guard at 5 o'clock and that we wouldn't have anymore problems entering in the apartment. So finally when we got to talk to the family, the mom asked us for a Book of Mormon and told us how she had worked in the primary and how she was feeling bad that she wasn't going to church and she wanted to return... soon after her son went to church and asked me when he could be baptized and I told him... in about 2 weeks... and he asked if it couldn't be sooner! haha
So that's about all I got for this week. Hope everything's going good at home. Have a good week. Love you guys!

-Élder Udy

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