This week Carnaval ended

Feb 23, 2015
Playing basketball with the members

Tudo bem?? Sounds like you guys have been getting a lot of snow lately. I still can’t see the edges of the driveway though in the picture. I’m surprised Dad hasn’t sent Cole out to fix that with an ice pic like the good ol days, haha.  That’s exciting that you got a referral.... we don’t even get referrals from the mission home! haha... well we do, just not all that often. 

Our district last transfer plus 2 elders from another district

This week Carnaval ended so everyone came back from vacation and the the bars stopped playing loud music and having huge parties. So this week I was thinking about how much the gospel blesses families because of the change that happened in the lives of one of the families we are teaching. They’re a family of humble circumstances and at the start it didn’t seem like they had much potential to progress. They fought a lot, weren’t married, didn’t respect each other, and seemed like they were never happy. However, step by step they began to do what we invited them to do. As they began to apply the gospel and the commandments in their lives, they began to notice a difference that it made in their family. They began to read the Book of Mormon everyday, say family prayers, go to church every week, and even self correct themselves in their smallest sins. Now the wife invites her family and neighbors to go to activities in the church, to hear the message of the restoration while we are at their house, and go to church to see for themselves that it’s the true church of Jesus Christ. Sometimes in our lives we don’t see sure proofs of the existence of God or of the Restoration of the Gospel, but in the difference the gospel has made in the life of this family, I’ve seen a sure proof that the restored gospel makes a family happy when they fully embrace it, and that God’s commandments are really for our happiness. 

So you were right about my companion. He’s from Texas. He’s been on the mission for 1 year and 6 months and has been here in Brazil for 7 months. He served 11 months in Kansas #coitado He’s a great companion, Elder McDaniel. We’re learning a lot together. 

Baptism - Elders Udy and McDaniel

This week we found a family from.... well the wife is from Portugal and he’s from Ceara... and when they went to church they loved it and seemed so happy... we haven’t talked to them yet since church, but it seems like they’re progressing a lot. 

Oh ya, there’s a member here who really wants a BYU shirt. So I told him I’d try to get him one... but actually I have no access to BYU shirts, just my family does. So if there’s any way, he would be really happy if in the next package you could send a BYU shirt as well :) 

Family with Elder Daniel and Elder Udy

Well that’s about all I got. Here it has been raining every day. I’ll send you guys some pictures of my life these days because I haven’t been sending many pictures. Have a good day and a good week. Love You guys. Tchau! Boa Samana!

√Člder Udy

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