We had a mission conference

March 2, 2015

Sounds like Cole is getting bigger.  I want to see the videos of them skiing, but  I’ll just have to wait a few more months. I can’t believe its already March. The second year of the mission is going by so fast. I’ve already been out for 1 year and 4 months! So much left to do and so many things to learn. 

So I’m glad BYU won against Gonzaga. I think the loudest place I’ve ever been in my life was in the Marriott Center watching the BYU Gonzaga game (2 years ago) #Hypeee So anyways.. This week was really good. We had a mission conference again with half of the mission and I think we felt more hype while we were there than I felt watching the BYU Gonzaga game 2 years ago. This week after the conference we were determined that we were going to find more people to baptize. We were planning one night, and we decided that we would pass by one of our past investigator’s home in the area, if time permitted. So the next day it worked out, and we went to teach this lady again. When we got there to teach her, we found out that she had been reading the Book of Mormon, 1 chapter per day, ever since we stopped teaching her about 2 months ago. She is now in Mosiah, and as we started the lesson we found out that she has begun to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, that it is true, and then we helped her to understand that this means as well that Joseph Smith was a Prophet sent from God to restore the church of Jesus Christ, and that she has to be baptized to enter into the kingdom of God. She understood everything with the help of the Holy Ghost and accepted to be baptized on the 14th.

While we were at the conference, one of the sister missionaries had prepared a brief talk about Joseph Smith. She seemed to know every detail of his life and at what date they all occurred. Her testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith was so strong, and at the end of the talk she said, "Every member of this church should have a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. Every. Single. Member." The truthfulness of our religion depends on the fact that he was a true prophet and his successors really are true prophets of God. So this week we’ve been testifying to our investigators with boldness that he was a prophet, that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, and that we need to be baptized by someone holding authority to enter into God’s kingdom. 

It seems like God always has miracles waiting for us if we just have enough faith to continue even when it seems like things aren’t going to work out....  So that’s about all I got today. Have a good week :) Love You guys!

Elder Udy

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