Zone leader near the Beach

March 23, 2015

Hey... so I laughed a lot when I read that Jackson told May to just pick the NCAA teams that have better mascots, haha.. 

I can’t believe Peyton is going to South Dakota. I always here about missions in the US and before the mission I didn’t really want to serve in the US, but now it seems like it would be great. It's definitely different from Brazil, however with diligence and obedience and the Spirit, I believe any missionary can have success in converting people to the gospel. 

So this week is transfers.. I’m being transferred to be Zone Leader in the zone that is on the Beach. Zona Litoral. My New companion will be Elder Vallo. He’s from Argentina... I think this is his last transfer so hopefully he’s not trunky #BotaFogo He’s a good missionary though. I’ve known him for a while. There’s 22 missionaries in the zone, and they're all Elders! When there’s Sisters it’s more complicated because you can’t go on splits to help in the area or to help them with difficulties. 

So this week our baptism didn’t work out. We were focusing on the importance of the Book of Mormon a lot with our investigator. Anyone that reads that book with an open heart in the spirit of prayer will be converted. However, if someone doesn’t read it, conversion can turn into a slower process. So our investigator doesn’t really like to read much, so turns out he wasn’t ready this week for baptism, but hopefully soon he’ll be baptized with his mom as well.... That’s exciting what you said about the investigator.. you guys should watch the Restoration movie with her. We always watch one that’s like 20 minutes that the missionaries have here. Maybe she’s already watched it, but if not it’s always good to help people feel that this really is the church of Jesus Christ. 

So I don’t really have much to say today, but I should have more to say next week because everything will be new. Anyways, I hope you guys have a good week.  Até próxima semana. Amo vocês! Tchau!

Élder Udy

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