A new area, a prank, and learning Spanish

March 30, 2015

Opppaaa bom dia... Sounds like things are good in Slippery Rock. I was thinking about Elder Anderson the other day... wondering if he was still on the mission or if he had already gone home.. It seems like yesterday that he was just starting!! The time goes by so fast. I had wondered as well if you guys ever got my letter... sometimes I’m afraid to write letters... because who knows if they will arrive or not haha. (We just received a letter Tyler sent 3 months ago!) O and Elder Bishop trained one of my companions, Elder Imperador. He has about the same time as me on the mission. The world’s pretty small. This week I met a member in my new ward that served with Trevor Pearcy in Londrina, Brazil. 

So this week was eventful. Here we don’t exactly walk on the beach haha. We’re like half an hour from the beach (walking distance), but there’s one ward in the zone (stake) that has all the water front. So in reality only one area in the zone touches the beach, but the area is huge haha.

This week when I got here, my new companion, Elder Vallo, said we received a reference from a member in some street that I didn’t know, so we went there to see who it was. When we knocked on the door someone answered who didn’t have the same name as the reference, so we talked a little and asked if we could teach him about the gospel and he let us in. So we sat down with this guy and his cousin. They started telling us about themselves a little bit as we talked. One seemed like a perfect investigator and the other was atheist and apparently they were always fighting with each other because of their differences in beliefs. So as we taught over the course of about 15 minutes they started fighting with each other a little and then all of a sudden the one that said he believed in God pulled out a foot long knife from his shorts, hit it on the ground screaming, “I can’t take you anymore” and went over to his cousin and held it at his neck... and then they just started laughing... and I was kind of confused by this point, and the one guy looks at me and says, “Dude, I’m not atheist, I’m Mormon!” haha quite the joke to play on the new missionary in the area haha. Apparently they are recent converts of 2 weeks. So that was interesting. I think they’re going to try to do the prank again when another missionary comes to the area on exchanges, quite the experience. 

So as Zone Leaders, Elder Vallo and I go on exchanges 2 times a week. Once on Tuesday and once on Friday, at least this is the pattern. It’s a lot of exchanges haha. Quite different from where I was at in Parquelandia where our district was our companionship, 4 sisters, and the assistants that never had time for exchanges. This week I went on exchanges with Elder McReynolds who is one of my friends from the MTC. I met him in the Atlanta airport on the first day of the mission. He’s one of the other 3 Americans from my district in the MTC that are here in Fortaleza. So it was nice to see him again and be able to help him with the problems of missionary life. Also I’m starting to learn Spanish again. I’m going to start reading El Libro de Mormóm more. Actually, our whole house has begun to speak Spanish haha. The other 2 Americans that live with us also want to learn spanish, Elder Benitiz and Elder Alexander. O by the way, Elder Benitiz said his parents are from Puerto Rico and I think Dad passed in the area where his dad lived... Its like Ponce of something like that. I’m pretty sure it starts with a P and its close to the beach. 

So this week I’ll try to take some pictures cuz I’m going to go on an exchange in the area that’s by the beach. I hope Cole and Dad can manage to get the Mustang running and looking good. It must need a lot of work, but now that Dad has been released hopefully he has more time. Anyways, that’s about all I got. I hope you guys have a good week... Love you guys. 

-Élder Udy

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